Education is hard enough – hear how one Academy Trust in Derbyshire and Rotherham used technology to reduce complexity for all by Simon Carter

The background The Learners’ Trust started out as a small Academy Trust of just three schools in ... Read More

RM Unify releases V4.22 with bulk email overrides feature and improvements to self-password reset by Sam Ganly

We have now released V4.22 to live, which contains a new feature that allows admins to override email addresses for users in bulk as well as improvements to the ... Read More

What is the journey to the cloud? For schools, it's digital transformation by Michael Oakes, Product Manager, RM

As an educator, it will come as no surprise to you that the way we talk about something has a massive impact on how audiences perceive it. For example, talking about ... Read More

Ensuring Microsoft API permissions have been granted to RM Unify by Sam Ganly

We will be making some important updates to the method that RM Unify uses for Microsoft 365 user provisioning. To support this change, we require all RM Unify ... Read More

Online safety in schools – what teachers need to know by Charlotte Aynsley, Founder and CEO

Rethinking Safeguarding The internet plays an integral part in children and young ... Read More

Choosing your school’s MIS is a big decision. Read what a village school in Essex believes is best practice to making the right choice by Simon Carter

The background Layer de la Haye Primary is a charming village school on the outskirts of ... Read More

RM’s advice following the Apache Log4j vulnerability by Darren Baber

An industry-wide vulnerability was disclosed in early December in an open-source Java logging component (known as Log4j) and identified by CVE-2021-44228. This component is ... Read More

RM Unify releases V4.20 with updates to RM Integris provisioned registration groups and changes to Google user attributes by Sam Ganly

We have now released V4.20 to live, which contains improvements to RM Integris provisioned registration groups to Microsoft and Google as well as updates to Google ... Read More

Before you buy another school server: Is now the right time for you to migrate to the cloud? by Michael Oakes

There are many benefits to using cloud computing and associated technologies for teaching and learning. But if you’re in the early stages of the journey, or even ... Read More

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