Hold that penetration test. Save time and money by doing these six things first. by Nelson Ody, Product Manager Cyber Security

A penetration (often shortened to ‘pen’) test is an assessment designed to find weaknesses and ... Read More

Understanding how one large council is encouraging its schools to harness technology in a unique way – by using the innovative software tool, ‘ThingLink’ by Simon Carter

The background “Innovation Innovation Innovation”. Not the misquoted words of a former Prime ... Read More

How one Primary School in the West Midlands put technology at the heart of their school turnaround by Simon Carter

The background Newtown Primary School is a small yet vibrant single-form-entry primary ... Read More

RM Unify releases V4.32 with improved Notifications and enhanced MFA by Sam Ganly

We have now released V4.32 to live, which contains a refreshed Notifications style to make them ... Read More

The five biggest cyber threats schools face – and how to protect yours by Nelson Ody, Product Manager Cyber Security

We have put together the top five cyber threats that schools in the UK face at the end of 2022 ... Read More

Every school needs reliable broadband, here's how to choose sustainability too by Will Digby, Product Manager, Connectivity

At RM we have chosen to partner with Ecologi - a B-Corp certified organisation that plants ... Read More

What IT managers need to know about RM’s school broadband service by Will Digby, Product Manager, Connectivity

RM only works with the education sector. We know the importance of a stable, reliable, ... Read More

ACTION REQUIRED: RM Unify Google Federated establishments please read carefully by Sam Ganly

RM Unify user provisioning for Google tenancies is changing, and so requires a Google super admin in each tenancy to accept a new Google OAuth App. This new App will work ... Read More

Follow the steps of one School Trust as they harness their digital transformation to prepare for a better future for all by Simon Carter

The background The foundation of the Knowledge Schools Trust (KST) originates from being one ... Read More

Are you getting value for money from your IT? by Simon Carter, Marketing Director

This article was originally published in the Autumn 2022 edition of the Independent Schools’ ... Read More

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