The progression of technology: Open blue water by Ian Hart

Pats on the back all round, we’ve dealt with the risk and now we are at the mouth of the river looking at a huge expanse of water, the ocean. At the moment it is a nice ... Read More

Make Identity Management Easier by Mark House

We’ve been talking for ages about how well RM Unify and RM Integris integrate to help our customers save time and money. But it is now even truer than ever ... Read More

RM Unify Software Update (v3.30): Network Provisioning General Availability by Mark House

RM Unify v3.30 our latest software update is released on November 1st 2017. The major new feature for RM Unify Premium customers is RM Unify Network Provisioning ... Read More

The progression of technology: Navigating the rapids by Ian Hart

All our schools and businesses are now reaching the rapids. It’s the same water as the trickle they discovered all those years ago, so should be fine right? Anyone who has ... Read More

RM SiteCreator - End of Life by Mark House

Why? The direction of travel of Microsoft for Education is no longer aligned with RM Site Creator. As a result the product's functionality has, in some cases, not met the ... Read More

SchoolBoard joins RM Unify by Mark House

We’re delighted to welcome SchoolBoard into the RM Unify App Library. SchoolBoard is a user-friendly and intuitive platform built upon Office 365, which allows you to: ... Read More

TermSet partnership announcement by Steve Forbes

The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will require all organisations operating within the EU to focus on identifying and retrieving personal data of employees ... Read More

The progression of technology: The source of the Nile by Ian hart

I am going to use random analogies and parallels to convince you that the progression of technology is much like a river. There are rapids to navigate, waterfalls to ... Read More

RM Unify Data Sharing by Mark House

We know that it is important for you to understand where your data is and what it is used for. This is an essential part of a school’s obligation as a Data Controller under ... Read More

Are we seeing a change in the clouds? by Mark House

Does the latest RM Unify data provide an insight into UK school cloud adoption? RM Unify launched at BETT 2013. Last month, September 2017, we saw a set of record numbers ... Read More

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