We have now released V4.14 to live, which has a couple of new features that we would like to tell you about:

  • Updating parent account login details
  • Force password reset for Chromebook and AAD SSO

Updating parent account login details

We have seen an increase in the importance of parent communication resulting in more apps for this purpose such as the RM Parent Portal. For this reason, we have been improving the behaviour for how RM Unify handles parent accounts on our platform. We have now made it possible for parent accounts to successfully have their email address updated via MIS sync, allowing them to continue accessing their RM Unify account with the updated email address as their username.

Force password reset for Chromebook and AAD SSO

If an admin resets a user’s password, we will now ensure that Chromebook or AAD SSO users will be redirected to the RM Unify password reset page.

Up next

Coming up next, we will soon release the ability for you to apply user email address updates in line with changes applied to usernames which may have been bulk uploaded via CSV. This is useful if you are using MIS sync to drive your user provisioning (create mode) and you need to apply usernames that do not suit the RM Unify username formatting convention.

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