In this latest release, we have included some helpful new features that will make managing groups and users much easier now that the end of academic year is approaching.

We have published some new video tutorials in the RM Training Academy which you can install for free from the RM Unify App Library:

Multi select group functionality

You will now be able to multi select groups in bulk to perform the delete action which will remove any associated data with Google Classroom or Microsoft 365 classes/groups. You will also be able to multi resync any existing groups/classes to update any memberships rather than waiting for the automatic nightly sync. Previously, this would have all been a manual task to be done per group.

Recreate groups

On top of the current ‘create’ ‘delete’ and ‘resync’ actions, you will also be able to recreate any groups/classes that have already been synced from RM Unify. This feature will delete any existing content in Google Workspace/Microsoft 365 that is associated to the group/class and create it again afresh with no content and with the new current academic year. This will be particularly useful if you want to remove existing content for year/registration groups as these often remain the same in Google/Microsoft and only the user memberships are updated. There will also be the option to use the multi select functionality for the recreate feature.

Soft deleted teaching groups

Once your teaching groups are deleted from RM Unify based on the MIS date, you will now be able to view these from the RM Unify Management Console Groups filter under ‘deleted teaching groups’ to allow you to perform any actions such as deleting them from Google Classroom or Microsoft 365 Classes/Groups.

Grace period

It is now possible to allow a grace period of 60 days for MIS sourced users leaving the establishment. This will be possible from the RM Unify Management Console, either in advance by selecting the users or by restoring the users once they have been deleted. This will allow pupils and staff to continue to access their RM Unify account over the summer period and continue to access their Google Workspace and/or Microsoft 365 account.

Renaming of G Suite and Office 365

Lastly, we are also updating the RM Unify UI to reflect the recent rebranding of G Suite to Google Workspace and Office 365 to Microsoft 365.

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