Prerequisites for moving to the Cloud. Number 4: Strong wired and wireless infrastructure by Steve Forbes

How important is your infrastructure within your school and is it worth investing in? Piece 4 of the cloud puzzle is definitely not one to by-pass! Building a strong ... Read More

Prerequisites for moving to the Cloud. Number 3: Strong broadband connection by Jeri Dash

Many schools have been using some cloud-based applications for a while, take for instance email. However, it’s in the last couple of years that we’ve really seen a surge in ... Read More

Prerequisites for moving to the Cloud. Number 2: Change management by Steve Forbes

Many schools start their move to the Cloud without considering the changes that will need to be made to their workplace culture to adapt to these changes. Without a ... Read More

Prerequisites for moving to the Cloud. Number 1: Choose an accredited partner by Steve Forbes

When investing in new technologies, you need a clear plan of what you want to achieve for your school so you make the best choices for your teachers, learners and ... Read More

Month 9 & 10 of my industrial placement by Sam Ganly

Thank you for joining me for penultimate instalment of my industrial placement blog! As promised last time, I will be letting you know how I got on during my second tour ... Read More

Have you got your online safety and security covered? by Imogen Naylor-Higgs

The prevalence of new technologies in schools is creating a generation of engaged and inspired pupils, learning in ways they’re most comfortable with. Cheap and durable ... Read More

Five prerequisites for moving to the Cloud: Introduction to the series by Steve Forbes

The Department for Education’s guidance, ‘Cloud computing: how schools can move services to the Cloud', helps schools to understand the educational, financial and technical ... Read More

RM announces historic partnership with HP by Dan Young

RM Education are delighted to announce an exciting new era in its partnership with HP Inc. On the back of a recent review of the core range of RM recommended laptops and ... Read More

How can tech support governance of a Multi-Academy Trust? by Imogen Naylor Higgs

Today 97% of all academies (other than free schools, UTCs and studio schools) which opened in 2015/16 are part of a MAT. It is more important than ever to think about the ... Read More

A collaborative approach to peer-to-peer mentoring by Kat Howard

Welcome back to final instalment of our peer-to-peer blog series! So far we’ve looked at the role of peer-to-peer mentoring in online safeguarding, how to build a safe and ... Read More


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