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Choice of MIS and Value for Money by Dale Peters

On Friday 29 October, Becta released a report entitled 'School Management Information Systems and Value for Money 2010'. The report sets out a series of recommendations with ... Read More

Enterprise Print saves school £21k pa by Admin

Rodillian School, Leeds, is projecting annual savings of £21,000 on printing costs using an Enterprise Print solution. Additionally, environmental benefits include: The ... Read More

RM response to Comprehensive Spending Review by Admin

With capital funds declining by 60% over the next 4 years, it's clear that school budgets will come under intense pressure. In response to customer need, we're rapidly ... Read More

What do school leaders feel about the Comprehensive Spending Review? by Admin

Preliminary results from a survey we conducted straight after the Spending Review showed that 53% of head teachers thought that yesterday's Spending Review announcements ... Read More

Spending Review - Headteachers' Reaction by Dale Peters

At the end of the previous post I mentioned some research that RM Education conducted straight after the Spending Review. This research was conducted via an online survey, a ... Read More

Raise funds for your school by joining the RM Affiliate Programme by Admin

Basement is our student store, where we can provide heavily discounted software and hardware (through great deals from Microsoft and the like). The RM Affiliate Programme ... Read More

Spending Review 2010 by Dale Peters

On the face of it yesterday's spending review is good news for schools, but if you dig a little deeper it's clear that there will be winners and losers from this ... Read More

How to make vast utility savings by Admin

School Business Managers tell us they face increasing pressure in making their schools meet budget, so we're developing innovative new services to help address this. Bursar ... Read More

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