Moving to the Cloud

Big Data: your voice of experience by Lesley Smith

In the majority of schools today, teachers and support staff are the ones logging IT issues for support providers to fix. While that model may have been appropriate for ... Read More

Small Flowers Crack Concrete by Andy Hutt

Guest blogger Andy Hutt, Educational Specialist from Learning Potential discussed some of the online tools available from educational software providers which could make a ... Read More

MIS Information Security, top tips from the RM Integris Team by Becca Wren

These top tips offer a reminder about securing access to RM Integris. The security of your data is crucial and you must have appropriate security measures in place to ... Read More

How to avoid being let down by your MIS supplier by Jane Digby

Nowadays, our expectations of any supplier are so much higher than they used to be and no wonder now that there is more choice in the market place. We have all experienced ... Read More

Does your MIS support your School Improvement Plan by Sankar

You may not realise it but gone are the days when a Management Information System (MIS) is just a back office tool. Times have changed. Not only because of OfSTED's ... Read More

Parental engagement month with RM Unify by Imogen Naylor-Higgs

It’s the first day of school in March! That means the Easter holidays are just around the corner, the first day of spring is imminent, the clocks are going forward, the ... Read More

Goodbye Microsoft Windows Server 2003 by Sankar

Microsoft has announced the official date for the end of life of Windows Server 2003 support as 14 July 2015. Although there are many schools who are aware of this and who ... Read More

Standing room only at Cloud session and ebooks are flying off the shelves by Suzanne Kyle

Day two at BETT has been a very busy one.  Hopefully we’re building up to ‘super Friday’ (we are very near Stratford where the Olympics effect is still visible and tangible ... Read More

We’re revolutionising Cloud access with RM Unify – come and see it in action at BETT! by Suzanne Kyle

Remember CD-ROMs? Or when you had to wait for a disk to arrive to install software? Thankfully those days are gone and we can access most software, apps and resources via ... Read More

Steps to the Cloud by Admin

The benefits of Cloud and which steps to take to get there by Chris Munday, Head of Proposition Development, RM Education. When you think about what Cloud computing can ... Read More


Moving to the Cloud


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