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Apple TV or interactive whiteboard? by Terry Freedman

Should you invest in Apple TVs or interactive whiteboards? This question is covered in various posts on the internet, but you have to be careful when reading them, for ... Read More

8 Considerations for Implementing a One-to-One Device Programme by Terry Freedman

Implementing a programme to give every student their own device is easy, right? All you have to do is raise some cash, buy a truck-load of stuff, and dish it out. Well, not ... Read More

Can technology raise standards in schools? by RM Education

Victoria Park Primary Academy The answer for Andrew Morrish, Headteacher at Victoria Park Academy in the West Midlands, is, in essence, "Yes, given the right ... Read More

Exploring the Mobile School by Terry Freedman

When Loxford School, Redbridge, had to shut its doors for two weeks while it moved to a brand new school building, there were no screaming headlines in the local or national ... Read More

Real e-safety is more than ticking boxes by Terry Freedman

In one of the stories about Mullah Nasrudin, an old Persian folk hero, he was looking under a street lamp for the set of keys he’d lost. Some neighbours came to ... Read More

Why move to the cloud? by Terry Freedman

There are a number of benefits of moving a school’s learning resources and infrastructure online – as long as you choose your Cloud services provider carefully. But more of ... Read More

CC4 at King Edward VI Community College by RM Education

Why I went back to Community Connect by Chris Box, Network Manager at King Edward VI Community College, Totnes King Edward VI Community College specialises in performing ... Read More

Ebook use in schools by Admin

The best ebook systems now transform books into a targeted intervention tool for teachers The delivery of learning resources via digital means is on a consistent upward ... Read More

Which apps are best for your classroom? by Terry Freedman

So, you’ve decided to go down the mobile learning route: iPads or some other tablet in the hands of every pupil, and their teachers. Now the only question remains is: which ... Read More

Choosing an Interactive Whiteboard by Terry Freedman

If you are responsible for buying new IWBs, or will have a say in the matter, what factors should you consider? Terry Freedman considers the issues. To look at, you’d think ... Read More


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