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BETT Update (Friday): Vision, Bald Heads and Money Saving Tips by Admin

The UK educational world is one of uncertainty; uncertainty about funding, about jobs, about curriculum priorities and demands and about central direction and vision. ... Read More

What’s the buzz @ BETT on Thursday? SEN, e-Safety and sore feet. by Admin

Today's blog starts with you, our customers, who visited BETT yesterday and left inspired. Here are some highlights: 'Fantastic! I need this...' 'Excellent range of ... Read More

BETT highlights from Wednesday: Live Radio, Avatars, Awards & VIPs by Admin

Finally, the doors to Olympia open, the crowds of lucky delegates who've pre-registered rush through as the queues at the registration desk lengthen into the early morning ... Read More

BETT International Day (the warm up act!) by Admin

Today saw the first ever "BETT International Day", and as a bit of a warm up to the main event tomorrow, I've asked Erin Woods, Marketing Executive for RM Asia-Pacific, to ... Read More

A world of learning at BETT 2011 by Admin

The anticipation turns to excitement as we count down the hours until the BETT Show opens! We've been working hard to bring you a truly fantastic experience at BETT this ... Read More

Money Saving Tips Series by Admin

One of the main objectives in writing this blog is to develop a continuous stream of money saving tips that will help you save critical funds over the coming years. Partly ... Read More

DFE: Taking the fun out of funding? Let’s demystify it by Admin

The Education sector's never been so busy assessing the impact of government announcements... Just as soon as we get to grips with the Comprehensive Spending Review, out ... Read More

Using your learning platform to minimise costs by Admin

Continuing our series of money saving tips for schools, today we'll share efficiencies schools are realising through their learning platforms. Governor ... Read More

It’s Snow Problem as pupils log on from home amidst school closures by Admin

More than a thousand schools were closed across the UK yesterday, with snow causing the most travel chaos in Scotland and the north of England. This morning's new snow fall ... Read More

Schools White Paper by Dale Peters

The Schools White Paper, entitled The Importance of Teaching, had been heavily leaked in the days leading up to its release, so few of the details contained within came as a ... Read More


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