Ten reasons to attend the RM Seminars by The RM Events Team

Want to know what to expect from the upcoming RM Seminars this spring? Then look no further than these 10 reasons to find out exactly why you need to attend one of the 11 ... Read More

Discovering Stories in the Data by Louise Jones, Senior Consultant of the Cairngorm Futures Team

Introduction There is no doubt about it lots of learners (and educators!) find looking at vast amounts of data a bit dull. We can often be overwhelmed with numbers and ... Read More

Recreating Creativity! by Louise Jones, Senior Consultant of the Cairngorm Futures Team

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. The creative process can be a slow burning affair, taking time, many tweaks, edits and even a few ... Read More

Turning Up the VOLUME! by Louise Jones, Senior Consultant of the Cairngorm Futures Team

The ability and the power of sharing work for the right or authentic audience is a new concept to some educators. It is very powerful when pupils can choose their audience, ... Read More

What is a Digital Culture? by Louise Jones, Senior Consultant of the Cairngorm Futures Team

Just like most things, terminology in education changes, over the years we’ve seen e-learning, virtual learning, ICT for (and then ‘in’) Learning, digital learning and now ... Read More

BYOD: Exploring the Benefits by Steve Forbes

Throughout this blog series on BYOD and 1:1 Tablet Implementation, we’ll learn about the types of BYOD scheme, the numerous benefits, the challenges of implementing these ... Read More

Are you using Microsoft Office Mix and Sway to their full potential? by Gerald Haigh

The great thing about Office 365 is that it never stands still. Because it’s cloud-based, updates, features and new applications are added, or become available, with ... Read More

How RM can support your transition to Microsoft Office 365 by Gerald Haigh

Microsoft Office 365 will support you as you broaden your repertoire of teaching skills, enabling you to find new ways of engaging students and significantly contributing to ... Read More

Safeguarding the Digital Generation - Future Digital’s Monitoring Solutions by Marie Bailey

Keeping children safe in the digital world has become an ever increasingly challenging task for school leaders and teachers. This challenge is augmented by the fact that ... Read More

Not all broadband connections are equal, some are more equal than others! by Lauren Champion

It’s true. The Internet continues to shape how we communicate, interact, as well as the way we teach and learn. The quality and service of an internet connection that a ... Read More

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