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The RM Seminars return in spring 2017 with more free technical CPD,
inspiration for using technology in and out of the classroom,
and advice and solutions for ensuring your student's safety online.

Celebrating 25 years of the RM Seminars.

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RM Seminars 2016

Thanks for making autumn 2016 a round to remember, we hope you enjoyed the event.

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Presentation content

Technical stream

Cloud services and the future of network management [pdf - 5.21 Mb]Download

Getting the most out of Powershell [pdf - 2.75 Mb]Download

Navigating the route to the cloud [pdf - 5.55 Mb]Download

Ransomware, malware and viruses; how to protect yourself [pdf - 6.11 Mb]Download

Understanding the data on your network and CC4 top tips [pdf - 4.68 Mb]Download

What's new in Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 (Education Release) and Intune [pdf - 5 Mb]Download


Live in Warrington - Navigating the route to the cloud [mp4 - 143 Mb] - Download

Other documents

Seminars whitepaper [pdf - 0.4 Mb] - Download

Ransomware Q&A [pdf - 0.1 Mb] - Download

What's new in Windows Q&A [pdf - 0.1 Mb] - Download

Understanding the data Q&A [pdf - 0.1 Mb] - Download

Educational stream

Taking the computing curriculum to the next level [ppt - 21.5 Mb]Download

iPad teacher productivity and efficiency [pdf - 11.8 Mb]Download


iPad teacher productivity and efficiency - View on YouTube

Your websites

Did you attend Mark House's session on the collaborative classroom?
Find the website you made during the session below.

WarringtonNewcastleNewburyStansted - LondonExeter - Birmingham

Online safety event

Sexting in schools and colleges, Birmingham [pdf - 4.2 Mb]Download

Sexting in schools and colleges, London and Warrington [pdf - 4.4 Mb]Download

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