Web filtering exclusively for education

Unlock the full potential of the Internet whilst providing a safe learning environment

The Internet is now truly embedded in today’s classroom, unlocking countless possibilities and giving your school community access to the vast amount of teaching and learning content available online.

With ICT now playing such an integral role in education it’s vital that you have a filtering solution which is flexible enough to support safe online learning whilst also protecting against sites which could be unsuitable or disruptive for your school community.

RM SafetyNet is an established and leading filtering system used by thousands of schools, libraries and local authorities across the UK. You can have confidence that RM SafetyNet has been designed exclusively for education, to allow your school community to realise the fantastic benefits of the Internet – safely.

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Why it works for you

Granular user-based filtering

User-based filtering gives schools greater flexibility and control over Internet filtering. This improved level of customisation ensures users can be grouped for filtering without compromise. Filter by individual, year group, after-school club or by tailoring your own user groups. You can also choose to allocate specific times at which websites can be accessed.

Easy to use

RM SafetyNet provides a rich filtering system that is easy to use regardless of experience. The administrator portal provides a modern, clean and simple workspace. From its streamlined toolbar users can quickly access the commands most frequently used by our community of schools. It is also fully optimised for touch screen devices to ensure a seamless experience.

No local equipment

Being cloud based RM SafetyNet removes the requirement of expensive onsite equipment and dedicated training resource to operate. It is setup to ensure failsafe continuation to save further costs of local backup for website filtering.

Real time protection

RM SafetyNet ensures real time filtering. As soon as the local filter policy has been updated, the changes made are immediately in affect across RM SafetyNet.

SSL interception for Google

RM SafetyNet’s SSL filtering intercepts and inspects all Google search results even since the move to SSL encryption in June 2015. This feature is not available in most other cloud based filtering solutions. Without this interception there would be the risk of inappropriate search results, including images that should be filtered, being displayed to your school community.

Monitor and identify bandwidth usage

RM SafetyNet now offers bandwidth reporting. These easily viewable reports have been designed to give you a good indication of how much bandwidth you’re using. If you’re regularly reaching your limit then it could be a good time to speak to our Broadband specialists about your options.

Active Adapt Content Filter

The Active Adapt Content Filter instantly scans the content of every page and employs risk calculations to identify ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ features. Content is then identified before a ‘permit’ or ‘deny’ decision is made. This active features adapts immediately to changes in web content for ultimate protection.

To find out more call us free on 0808 172 9535 or email esafety@rm.com

Help & guidance

Appropriate filtering – RM Response

In May 2016, the UK Safer Internet Centre issued advice on ‘appropriate filtering’. This was based on reforms in the Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance. This document outlines the questions you should be asking your current filtering provider and how our solution RM SafetyNet meets these standards.


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