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Features & benefits
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Help & guidance

RM Easimaths is an online  programme designed to help pupils make confident progress in mathematics. With over 12,000 exciting topics covering ages 4-12 it offers teachers an effective online tool with which to teach core maths skills in a safe, fun and engaging environment.

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RM Easimaths has really benefited the school, because it helped us identify key areas to focus our teaching on.

Gerard Keane - Head Teacher - St Edward’s RC Primary School

Features and Benefits

Raise maths standards

Just one hour a week delivers measurable improvements in pupils' learning of core maths skills.

Teachers' reports

RM Easimaths generates meaningful teachers' reports which can be useful for pupil premium, Ofsted and lesson planning. The reporting tools also flag up problem areas where pupils have answered a question incorrectly. This enables targeted intervention and saves teachers time.

Engaging for pupils

It is often hard to engage pupils in learning maths however, the fun end-of-session game on RM Easimaths, Flingaball, provides immediate incentives to completing the session. RM Easimaths also rewards pupils with certificates for every 30 skills mastered, regardless of their starting level, to ensure confident and rewarding progression.

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How it Works

RM Easimaths is available anywhere, anytime and on any device with an Internet connection. Built-in diagnostic tools automatically adjust the difficulty of the activities in response to pupils answers, enabling confident pupil progression.

RM Easimaths delivers meaningful and objective reports to assist teachers' lesson planning, targeting and early intervention. Finally, the most important part of RM Easimaths is that it is fun! Pupils earn certificates and stickers for their progression, regardless of their starting level, and with each successful activity pupils score points which unlock items in Flingaball, the fun, end-of-session game.


RM Easimaths is sold on either a 12-month or 3-year subscription and pricing depends on the number of pupils at your school. To purchase RM Easimaths, select your chosen licence from the table below and click buy now.

Free trial

You have the option of signing up for our two-month free trial. You will receive a renewal notice with the cost of continuing within your first month, and should you not wish to carry on using RM Easimaths simply let us know before the second month is up. If you do decide to continue then we will give you an extra month for free as a thank you, meaning you will get a total of 15 months for the price of 12.

School size 12-month subscription 3-year subscription
up to 50 pupils £95 Buy now  Free trial £225 Buy now
50–99 pupils £195 Buy now  Free trial £495 Buy now
100–249 pupils £395 Buy now  Free trial £995 Buy now
250+ pupils £595 Buy now  Free trial £1,450 Buy now
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RM Easimaths for home

If you are a parent or guardian wanting to purchase RM Easimaths for your children you can subscribe to a private account. Visit RM Easimaths for home to purchase. 

Our two-month free trial is not available to home users but you can cancel your home subscription at any point during the first 30 days for a full refund, arrange a return via your My Account area, or email

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All children have the opportunity to work at their own pace and at their own level. RM Easimaths supports the lower ability children and extends the more able pupils.

Ann Gill, Head Teacher - Rode Heath Primary School

Extended product information


Activities are truly personalised in RM Easimaths as data is continuously collected on each learner. This means that the difficulty levels are cleverly and automatically adjusted to suit the individual needs of each and every student.

Detailed reports

Detailed reporting within RM Easimaths provides important data for teachers to support them in planning lessons, or to take more targeted action to intervene when a student is falling behind, or needs more challenging work. Flexible reporting gives data at an individual, group or class level.

Home access

Simple home access allows parents and carers to get actively involved with learning maths in the home, joining in the learning exercises. And because RM Easimaths takes students through solving the challenges, parents won't feel the need to have all the answers if they aren't confident of their own maths skill level.

Fun and easy to use

Being web-based means that you don't have to worry about installing and maintaining any software. Logging in through a web browser means you will always be accessing RM Easimaths with all the latest product enhancements and updates as soon as they are available, whether that's from home or in school.

Maths in context

Mastering maths is something that will benefit students throughout their lives, so learning maths shouldn't be restricted to set hours in a classroom. The more students see maths as an integral part of day-to-day life, the more natural it becomes. RM Easimaths is a web-based solution that is accessible online whenever and wherever you need it, whether that's at home, in school or working out how much pocket money is available to spend on that new toy!

Customised learning

Anytime, anywhere access and differentiated activities mean that students can learn at a pace that is comfortable and appropriate to their own abilities, whilst ensuring that activities are challenging and engaging every time.

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Help & guidance

RM easimaths User guide

User guide

Guidance on using RM Easimaths, including hints and tips on getting the most from the program.


Free webinars

Free webinar

Best practice and suggestions for making RM Easimaths effective in your school.

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RM Easimaths brochure

Find out which RM Easimaths service is right for you.


Winterbourne Junior Girls School

Winterbourne Junior Girls School

Winterbourne use RM Easimaths to raise attainment of maths for the whole school, saying it has an impact right across the spectrum of abilities.


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Devonshire Primary Schooll

Devonshire Primary School

Devonshire Primary School use RM Easimaths to raise the profile of maths in the whole school, saying it has an impact right across the spectrum of abilities.


Hamilton Grammar School

RM Easimaths supports all learners including those with additional support needs at Hamilton Grammar School.

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Rush Common Primary School

RM Easimaths challenges and encourages pupils at Rush Common Primary School.

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