RM Unify

RM Unify enables your school to access online services easily - with one user name and password for each user, a library packed full of online services and simple user management; a solution designed specifically for the way you work.
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Key features:

  • One user name and password per user to connect to your favourite online applications and services from the top educational providers.
  • Simple to use home page allowing all users an effective way to access online content and services.
  • Safe and secure library offering simple browsing of online, educationally focussed applications and services.
  • Automatic provisioning and management of accounts for all users.
  • Web-based so it works on any internet enabled device with a browser.


  • The App Library - Discover the very best online applications and services designed for education. Browse in a safe and secure environment and set up the applications for your users quickly and easily.
  • The Launch Pad - Access to your online apps and services from wherever you are, whenever you want to work and using whichever internet enabled device you choose. RM Unify users log in once to their personal Launch Pad and then have one click access to any application or service which has been set up for them.
  • Management Console - Easily and securely manage accounts through RM Unify into all the services and content found within the App Library. Save hours of administration with automatic account provisioning directly from your school's Active Directory or RM Learning Platform. CSV upload is also available.

App Library

Launch Pad

"A student logs into learning immediately. That's the key for students."

Phill Bateman - Dormston School, Dudley

"We've chosen RM Unify to give schools and academies maximum choice. Accessing the best-of-breed educational applications via clever single sign-on will deliver a much improved service.

Our schools and academies are already very excited about this new technology."

Richard Saunders - Staffordshire County Council

Educational Benefits

For Students
  • Sign in once, using just one user name & password, means "I've forgotten my password!" will be a classroom disruption of the past.
  • With an internet connection and a browser, your students can access RM Unify whenever and wherever you and they want, making setting and completing homework easy.
For Teachers
  • Allows students and teachers to switch quickly and easily between different online services within a lesson - without the need to log out and in.
  • Enables a teacher/student to keep all their educational internet usage in one place as you can add web links to any website you wish: "If it's not in RM Unify don't use it in this lesson."
For IT Staff and Administrators
  • Automated account creation and maintenance which saves hours of administration time.
  • Allows you to manage all your user accounts in one place as it links with your schools Active Directory network. You will no longer to need to do the same repetitive administration tasks in completely different systems
For School Leaders
  • Supports your work to narrow the digital divide, as there are no expensive software purchases needed for any student to complete their work.
  • Top educationalists work with RM Unify to do the hard work of vetting online educational services for you, saving you hours of time and effort. If it's in RM Unify it is educationally valuable.

Making the most of the cloud with RM Unify at King Edward VI Community College

The staff and students at King Edward VI Community College have recently started using RM Unify - watch the video to see how it's making a difference for them...
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