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Federated Identity Management and single sign-on – What schools need to know by Simon Thompson

To federate is to join, organize and unite with something. If you work in a school in the UK today, then you’ll know that change is the only constant. When it comes to ... Read More

Mathletics and Spellodrome now available through RM Unify by Simon Thompson

RM has teamed up with 3P Learning to offer access to their award-winning educational programmes, Mathletics and Spellodrome, through RM Unify. Both learning resources offer ... Read More

Are you using Microsoft Office Mix and Sway to their full potential? by Gerald Haigh

The great thing about Office 365 is that it never stands still. Because it’s cloud-based, updates, features and new applications are added, or become available, with ... Read More

How RM can support your transition to Microsoft Office 365 by Gerald Haigh

Microsoft Office 365 will support you as you broaden your repertoire of teaching skills, enabling you to find new ways of engaging students and significantly contributing to ... Read More

New vision testing software available free of charge through RM Unify by Simon Thompson

Good vision is so important for learning, but children are often unaware that they have a vision problem. Their vision may have always been that way so they accept it as ... Read More

Do you use RM Unify in your school? Tell us what you think! by Simon Thompson

In the recent release of v3.8 of RM Unify, we switched on a new setting to periodically ask school staff users to provide product satisfaction feedback on the way they view ... Read More

RM Unify MIS Sync now available for schools using Progresso by Simon Thompson

RM Unify MIS Sync allows schools to sync MIS data into the cloud. Most RM Unify schools use this data to sync class lists and parent information into third party systems ... Read More

RM Unify now comes with free access to paid apps by Simon Thompson

RM Unify offers the best apps for education in one single App Library. Schools can benefit from the free apps already in RM Unify as well as those they have paid for as part ... Read More

j2code coding app helps schools fulfil computing curriculum by Simon Thompson

What is j2code? Available as an app within RM Unify, J2code is an award winning coding resource offering four differentiated platforms. Following the National Curriculum ... Read More

The Streetly Academy improves systems management and return on investment with RM Unify by Simon Thompson

Founded in 1961, The Streetly Academy is a large co-educational secondary school in Streetly, West Midlands. In December 2012 it was ranked ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. The ... Read More

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