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Discover practical advice for designing work-ready assessments that will ensure your candidates are prepared for the 21st century workplace.

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"Work-ready" generally refers to an individual's preparedness to enter the workforce. In the context of professional qualifications, work-ready often refers to an individual's ability to apply the knowledge, skills, and competencies gained through their education or training to real-world job situations.

In this eBook, we will carve out practical advice for providers that want to produce work-ready candidates through work-ready assessments, designed to help individuals increase their chances of success in the workforce.

We will cover:

  • The benefits of using work-ready assessments

  • Effective design of work-ready assessments

  • The ultimate implementation of work-ready assessments

“We have really valued RM ‘can-do’ attitude and the support they have given us from both technical and operational teams during a period of change within our organisation.”
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Sarah Corcoran, Director of e-Transformation, ACCA


In this eBook, you will discover how to better:

practical skills

Providing employers with a more accurate assessment of an individual's readiness to enter the workforce.

Deliver industry
relevant assessments

Ensuring content is relevant to industry needs and reflects the skills and competencies that are in demand.

your brand

Qualifications that are a direct reflection of the 21st Century workplace, will attract more quality candidates and reputable employers.

Whether you are new to digital assessment, or you are looking for a solution that can flex and scale with your needs as a growing professional association, RM can support you. Our service packages give you the ability to design an assessment solution that's the perfect fit for your needs.

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