How we help FE & HE institutions

RM is in a strong position to partner with further and higher education institutions to improve student satisfaction and enhance educational outcomes.


Our proven technology and expertise can help match candidates to courses, identify the varying levels of support each student needs, and empower graduates to progress confidently into the workplace.

Understanding the challenges

Attract the right students

Take control of the admissions process with authentic assessments that test course-appropriate knowledge and skills. Doing so reduces term-time disruption and gives you the confidence of a ‘best fit’ between candidate and course.

Drive efficiencies in workload

Enabling students to drive and monitor their own learning can improve efficiency for tutors and lecturers. This allows course leaders to reassign valuable time towards more targeted and regular feedback.

Understand your students

Determine personal teaching and learning needs through regular progress checks that give your students the individual support they need at the right time.

Preparing for the real world

Providing students with autonomy in their learning and the tools to build a digital portfolio helps prepare them as graduates for the 21st century workplace and meet the needs of future employers.

Enrich the student experience from cover to cover through your digital capabilities.

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