Digital assessment for language test publishers

RM works with language testing organisations to deliver language assessments swiftly and efficiently without limitations. Regardless of whether the assessment is for placing students, facilitating certification, or supporting students in their preparation, our solutions enable them to sit their tests uninterrupted wherever they are in the world and on any device.


From computer-based tests enabling rich multimedia content across all the different types of language assessment through to e-marking for consistent marking across international locations, our proven technology and expertise can help you to achieve this.

Understanding the challenges

Reach new markets

Overcome physical limitations to deliver your language tests globally and reach new students in remote locations.

Streamline your process

Provide on-demand testing to boost efficiency of your assessment process, deliver results at pace and benefit from increased capacity.

Prioritise student experience

Attract and retain students through an intuitive, user-friendly assessment experience with reliable delivery.

Assess authentically

Design and customise engaging assessments that address speaking, listening, writing, and reading assessments on one platform, bringing your subject matter to life, and using a variety of mediums to test your students’ knowledge.

Run tests securely

Maintain the integrity of your test delivery regardless of the student’s location or the stability of their internet connection.

Future-proof your qualifications

Establish your organisation as a front-runner at the leading-edge of assessment innovation while protecting your language qualifications from future disruptive events.

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