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Imagine the incredible benefits of comparative judgement (CJ) at your fingertips, when you're ready, and at a scale appropriate to your needs.

Comparative judgement is changing, welcome to the world of CJ‑On‑Demand.

An altogether different approach to comparative judgement. Simpler. Faster. Better.

We’ve turned ranks into reusable rulers, and you can use those rulers to measure anything and everything. Comparative judgement can now be fully on demand at your fingertips ‘when-ready’. And you can be confident that you are assessing quickly and reliably to an accepted standard.

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How does it work

Use Adaptive Comparative Judgement (ACJ) to efficiently rank your items (documents, audio, video, etc) and create a reliable standard. Then simply flip the switch to turn your rank into a ruler. Share and re-use it as many times as you want.


Gather the work to be assessed
Gather the work to be assessed


Rank your items using ACJ
Rank your items using ACJ


You rank becomes the ruler – just flip the switch
Your rank becomes the ruler – just flip the switch


Share and reuse as many times as you like
Share & reuse as many times as you like

Unlock new opportunities

Empower assessors and learners
Empower assessors and learners

Improve their familiarity with standards in an intuitive and engaging way. They can use the system to actively assess work, or simply use it as a training tool.

Streamline you assessment and overcome the CJ scaling challenge
Streamline your assessment and overcome the CJ scaling challenge

Dramatically reduce the time needed to assess and standardise. Improved efficiencies empowers users to run assessments at a scale previously unattainable.

Provide a unique solution in a new market
Provide a unique solution in a new market

Users need and want the brilliant rulers you create. Sharing them is good for everyone, including your own business or organisation.

Case studies


Professional Qualifications

How Voice 21 used adaptive comparative judgement to reliably assess oracy at scale

To combat the challenge of assessing oracy, Assessment from RM partnered with the UK’s oracy education charity Voice 21, to explore the use of adaptive comparative judgement as a holistic and reliable way to assess oracy. Read more


Professional Qualifications

How Amplify Trading used adaptive comparative judgement to enable finance candidates to be assessed through real-world simulation

To produce an authentic, innovative talent identification solution, Amplify Trading partnered with Assessment from RM to use adaptive comparative judgement in a peer assessment format to assess candidates’ ability to present complex conclusions in actionable ways. Read more



How 14 Oxfordshire schools transformed formative assessment with RM CompareTM

Oxfordshire schools successfully pioneer a new method of collaborative assessment and moderation. Read more

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