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Connect the Classroom

Maximise your return from the DfE scheme by partnering with RM and Aruba

Get your classrooms connected with an education-specific infrastructure service.

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Who are we?

With nearly 50 years’ experience in providing technology for education, RM are a trusted partner to thousands of schools across the UK, helping to make technology work better and delivering an array of IT support services, cloud technologies and software solutions to help look after the school’s infrastructure.

Aruba is a global leader in secure, reliable and scalable wired and wireless infrastructure, providing schools and trusts of all sizes with simple and affordable networking solutions that help to deliver multi-modal teaching and learning, no matter the location.

RM is an official Aruba partner and together we can help you find the right infrastructure solutions that are tailored to your school environment. And with installation managed by RM, so you can look forward to a hassle-free setup.

"After the Connect the Classroom upgrade, we can now provide a robust stable connectivity,
with numerous students online concurrently".

Steve Millmore, Information Technology Manager

Read the case study

What is Connect the Classroom?

Connect the Classroom is an investment funding programme run by the Department for Education (DfE). The current programme offers eligible schools, an upgraded wireless networking solution to improve their IT infrastructure. This will provide infrastructure equipment and set up to help schools meet the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards.

Now that pupils and teachers are spending more time back in the classroom reliable high-speed internet connections and infrastructure are more important than ever. Consider an RM and Aruba partnership on your Connect the Classroom project.

Why partner with RM?

We look forward to working with you and the DfE on this project, co-creating and delivering brand new IT infrastructure that will set the foundations that take IT to the next level of impact to teaching and learning. We offer a flexible, bespoke, and accountable infrastructure service, building on our local presence, and backed by the surety of working with a robust, market leader in educational ICT.

RM Faq
An established Educational ICT partner with almost 50 years’ experience

As a publicly listed company working with over 8000 schools nationally, we know how to successfully implement & operate in school settings. Our teams have all the necessary security & safeguarding checks backed with all the required systems and processes.

Our school technology options enrich the lives of learners worldwide. We work closely with market leading technology partners to provide the complete education technology solution, from connectivity and school networking, right through the end user devices and software/licensing options. RM’s technology offering is tried and tested for the classroom, and can be tailored to suit all needs and budgets, with leasing options available across the majority of our range.

We understand the increasing demands of the school environment. Our experts can work with you to help ensure that your technology strategy is sustainable and built for the future. Evidence of our work with schools and trusts can be found here:

Read the Vickerstown County Primary case study

Read the Forest Federation case study

RM Faq
A partner familiar with the DfE specification

As a leading supplier to the DfE we are very familiar with the DfE specification as it is built on the output specification from the free school programme. We are providing a fully compliant response that we know will match the long-term requirements & benefits that the DfE are hoping to achieve through this initiative. Further, to support your application we will complete our quote in the format the DfE require in order to technically validate your grant application & to save you time.

RM Faq
Bringing the benefit of our strategic partnerships to you

We are HP’s leading education reseller of their products and services and as such have the supply chain and systems in place in order to successfully implement this project on time and in budget. In addition, our relationship with HP has enabled us to secure preferential pricing for your school. The specification of the cabling and wireless will give you peace of mind and a platform that will be effective and last for the next 10-15 years.

What happens next?

  1. Get in touch to request a quote and discuss your requirements in detail
  2. Read, review and send the RM quotation to your IT Adviser from the DfE who will carry out the final quality & specification compliance check and ensure the design represents value for money
  3. Once you have received confirmation from the DfE choose your supplier (hopefully RM!)
  4. Assuming you wish to go ahead with RM complete the order form with a PO reference and approved signatory
  5. That’s it - we will then be back in contact to arrange for the succesful delivery of the project, including a full site survey to finalise your design, acceptance testing and support from our project management team

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