20 March 2019

ICAN safeguards students’ results in West Africa with the help of RM

By Melanie Thomson, Head of Customer & Proposition Marketing at RM
ICAN safeguards students’ results in West Africa with the help of RM

There are more than two million chartered accountants and students around the world. Each motivated to using their expertise to contribute to economic growth and sustainability.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria’s (ICAN) mission is to produce world-class accountants, and to regulate their ethical standard and technical competence in the public interest.

They do this through training, development and by supporting each of their accountants so that they have the knowledge and values to help improve local and global economies. Therefore, it is important that the assessment process to qualify these professionals is rigorous, accurate, and timely.

A new five-year agreement signed between the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and RM will see professional assessments marked onscreen with the use of award-winning technology RM Assessor3, helping to ensure every student gets the result they deserve.

In June 2018, ICAN and RM performed a pilot with a small group of examiners marking a sample of live exam scripts. RM Assessor³ ease of use saw the group successfully assessing candidates’ scripts within an hour of being introduced to the system.

ICAN recognised that RM Assessor3 helps to maintain the security and integrity of the exam process through secure storage of scanned scripts. This combined with the anonymisation of scripts, removing room for bias, and monitoring of quality through the use of standardisation and seeding allows students the confidence that their results are accurate.

Remarking on the agreement, Tim Downie, Assessment Business Development Director, RM, says:

“RM has existing expertise of working with accountancy bodies such as ICAEW and ACCA, which we are delighted to bring to Nigeria.

Whilst some international awarding organisations have been using RM Assessor in Africa for a number of years, ICAN is our first customer in this region, adding to the international growth of our business.”

Dr Innocent Okwuosa, Chairman, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, says:

“We are continuously seeking ways to ensure our students’ results are of the highest standard. This partnership will help us to revolutionise the way we mark our examinations, further cementing the integrity and transparency of our marking process.”

To discover how RM Assessor3 can assure marking quality and integrity, download our brochure.

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