15 June 2023

RM Technology invests a further £1m in core network upgrades to give more schools access to ultra-fast broadband

RM Technology invests a further £1m in core network upgrades to give more schools access to ultra-fast broadband
  • The previous update conducted by the leading provider of telecommunication services for the education sector improved core network capacity by 150%
  • This enhancement is expected to drive an annual growth rate in traffic demand of 20-30%
  • The improvements are aimed at closing the gap leaving a number of areas and schools in the ‘broadband slow lane’.

London, 15 June 2023: RM Technology, the UK’s leading education sector supplier of technology solutions and strategies, has announced the completion of its latest investment in core network upgrades. RM Technology will upgrade its core network with new 100Gbps-capable, carrier-grade routers to meet the growing demands of its customers.

This extra capacity will support the growth of RM Technology's broadband service over the next five years, with an expected annual growth rate in traffic demand of 20-30%. The company runs a fully 2N resilient network to ensure maximum uptime for its customers. Recognising the need for more bandwidth to enable schools to transition to the cloud more easily, RM has invested in new core infrastructure. All links within the core network will be upgraded to multi-100Gbps speeds with options to increase to 400Gbps capability in the future. In addition, this will support RM’s continued deployment of IPv6.

This new investment will support schools in overcoming the barriers slow broadband causes. It will also help schools across the UK meet Full Fibre requirements and ultimately support the Department for Education’s (DfE) Connect the Classroom scheme in its attempt to enable pupils to benefit from fast and reliable access to online resources to enhance their learning.

The upgrade has also enabled RM to upgrade its upstream connections to the internet and content providers, up to 10x including to the likes of Google and Akami. The improvements this delivers will help more schools benefit from being able to use high-quality content including multi-use lesson streaming to several classrooms at once and improved access and faster data downloads improving classroom efficiencies.

“We’re proud to announce the completion of a significant core broadband network upgrade so that more schools can continue to reap the benefits of ultra-fast broadband. In certain areas, heavy downloads are still blocking children’s education, so we decided to give back and upgrade our core network to meet the growing demands of our customers. As we strive to continue to improve the infrastructure that underpins education, we will soon be realising a 4G option that’ll enable us to reach more remote sites and reduce the cost of back up lines.”

Jason Tomlinson, Managing Director of RM Technology

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