RM Support Newsletter

Issue 41 July 2021

With the end of term just around the corner, we hope this issue of the RM Support Newsletter is perfectly timed to help you prepare your network for the next school year.

PrintNightmare (Print Spooler) vulnerability – July “out-of-band” patches now available

Microsoft released out-of-band patches to a critical Print Spooler issue on the 6th July. We recommend that customers check, patch and reboot to apply these patches ASAP to protect their networks. All released patches have been approved for CC4 customers.

We have published advice on this, with links to the CVE from Microsoft, in this article: TEC7999804. We will also be updating this article as we get more information from Microsoft relating to additional security measures that you can take for Print Servers.

Summer Checklist

What to check?
Suggested actions

Windows 10

1809 Education went end of service on 11th May 2021.

1909 Education is in service until 10th May 2022.

If you have Windows 10 clients at 1809 or earlier versions, then you should rebuild or upgrade.

CC4 customers can use the 20H2 build pack (DWN7799856).

Server 2012

Microsoft will end of life this OS in October 2023.

Start planning your upgrade options for this OS as you will have a limited number of opportunities to complete the work.

Cloud services are available from RM (Intune, Autopilot, etc.) if you want to accelerate your move to the cloud.

Windows 7

This OS is no longer supported by Microsoft or RM and as such is a security risk to your network. We recommend that customers move to Windows 10.


Server 2008

This OS is no longer supported by Microsoft or RM and as such is a security risk to your network.


Teams for CC4

We released a new package for this at the end of March ( and this is needed to ensure that Teams can keep updating with new functionality from Microsoft.


RM Support Articles

Technical articles, available on the RM Support page, can help you identify any potential gaps in your network and keep it up to date; here are some recently published articles

Networks Articles:


Driver Update 146 for Community Connect 4 networks [CC4DRV146]


Intune (Endpoint Manager) - How to switch off the 'News and Interests' task bar addition


Disable 'News and Interests' on the Windows 10 task bar for CC4/COP networks


Intune and Autopilot - Information needed by RM to generate a CSV file for new devices


Intune (Endpoint Manager) - Modifying the default Power Settings


Intune (Endpoint Manager) - Autopilot troubleshooting


Error message displayed when configuring the 'Default search provider' for Microsoft Edge for CC4


CC4 Build Windows 10 20H2 fails to install Intel Network card after Windows is installed


RM's advice on June/July 2021 'PrintNightmare' Print Spooler security vulnerability

RM Unify, Cloud, O365 and Google Articles



Error message "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request" displayed when clicking RM Unify M365 app tiles


How to set up RM Integris Datashare for RM Unify


"UPTERROR. User... Management Information about this User appears to be corrupt" error message in RM Unify Audit log


"Sorry, an error occurred while processing your change password request" error is shown in the RM Unify Management Console

DfE scheme

If you purchased new devices in the last year under the DfE scheme, you may be aware that the licence for the pre-installed security software will expire on 30th September 2021. It will then become the responsibility of individual establishments to take control of those devices. Below are two recommendations to help you manage your school’s devices:

Microsoft Intune for Education

With Microsoft Intune for Education, you can set up and easily manage devices, users, and apps. It offers simplified enrolment and management of devices from a web console, as well as easy deployment of apps to teachers and students, restricting them to only those needed, without having to touch their devices.

RM SafetyNet Go

RM SafetyNet Go offers cloud-based Chromebook URL and content filtering, protecting students wherever their learning is taking place. With just a few clicks you can deploy user or age-based customised filtering across all Chromebooks, protecting your users and allowing you to stay in control.

RM Unify 4.10

A new development in RM Unify - RM Unify Group Sync - means teams will be created automatically for each class, and dynamically updated when the MIS data changes. If you would like to utilise this functionality when your school returns in September, you will need to activate the feature within your RM Unify Management Console. You can access the instructions to do this here.

Your teaching, year, and registration groups can be ‘pushed’ into RM Unify, but it doesn’t have to be all three, you have complete control over which groups work for you.

When the teachers of those synced groups log into Microsoft Teams, they will be presented with a suggested Teams class. All they have to do is select ‘create’ on the correct group for their class and they will have their team created. Here’s some useful advice on creating class teams.

Old teams will stay as they are, but as the teacher will have a new team for their new class, we recommend archiving this year's team. Find out how to archive or restore class teams and copy files between teams.

RM EduSummit '21

In association with Microsoft, Aruba, NSPCC, Confederation of School Trusts, and many more, we recently hosted a three-day virtual event jam packed with world renowned industry speakers, knowledge building workshops and certified training specifically for the education sector. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to attend the RM EduSummit live, all content is available for free until 12th August 2021.

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