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Issue 42 December 2021

Welcome to this edition of the RM Support Newsletter. This edition includes the normal security information, updates, and development news. If there is content that you would like us to cover in future editions, then please email us at supportnewsletter@rm.com. Please note that you may be the only person within your establishment to receive this newsletter, so please pass on to your colleagues.

An index of all the released newsletters so far can be found in DWN5175632.

Note on terminology used in the article:

  • CC4.5 – your CC4 First server is running Windows 2012R2 server
  • CoP – Connect on Prem - your CC4 First server is running Windows 2016 or 2019 server

Security News

Breaking news - RM advice about the (December 2021) Log4j 2 vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)

A new, critical vulnerability was disclosed over the weekend about an Apache Log4j 2 vulnerability. This is a Java open-source logging component that is used in many third-party applications and exploits are already in the wild.

RM is carefully monitoring the situation and our current advice can be found here: NWS8298444.

Do check this article often in the coming days as advice will be updated as more information comes to light.

RM Remote Learning Resources

RM has now released various resources to help you ensure that your pupils and staff are able to continue to print. We recommend that you take immediate action to ensure that your network is up-to-date.

Microsoft’s response to the PrintNightmare vulnerability this year has meant some fundamental changes to the way that point-and-print printers are managed (in the August and September ‘patch Tuesday’ releases).

CC4 Customers
  • CC4UPD225 has now been released, and we advise that all the customers install this ASAP (as you need the changes delivered by this release before the latest Microsoft patches install on your client computers).
  • See DWN8134870 for full details.
Non-CC4 Customers with Microsoft AD (Active Directory) based networks
  • TEC8151785 - Modifying ‘Point-and-Print’ restrictions on Vanilla Windows networks following the August (and later) 2021 cumulative updates.
  • This article contains the same changes as were made for CC4UPD225, so you can edit the appropriate Group Policy on your network.
All Customers
  • The changes released by Microsoft in September are to patch an RPC vulnerability when printing. We recommend that your clients and servers are kept up-to-date to ensure that this does not impact you.
  • TEC8143750 - Network printing error "0x0000011b" following September 2021 cumulative update installation. This article contains more information about this change and a potential issue that you may encounter on your network.
  • We have had some reports of printing mapping issues from CC4 Access servers due to these updates (even after the November patches have applied) and we are working on it with Microsoft (we are hoping that the patches in December will address these issues).

Updates from Support

RM Remote Learning Resources

Hopefully by now you will be aware, if you use eSafe as your Safeguarding product, that Smoothwall have acquired eSafe and are migrating all their customers across to the Smoothwall equivalent.

RM has provided a tool to help CC4 customers to migrate in a simple fashion (a start-up script removes any eSafe installs and then adds the new Smoothwall client).

For more information, please refer to DWN8066677.

New CC4 Driver packs

See TEC1299560 for further details, but we have released:

  • CC4DRV148 – DWN8059536 (Aug 2021): Intel wireless network adapters, for FragAttack exploits.
  • CC4DRV149 – DWN8202971 (Nov 2021): HP ProBook 440 G8.
  • CC4DRV150 – DWN8094752 (Sep 2021): For Intel wired network adapter issues when building W10 20H2.
New Microsoft Teams package for CC4 (

TEC7109139 is updated with information about the latest release of the Microsoft Teams package for CC4 networks. Please note that you will need a CoP or CC4 Subscription licence to get access to the download package in your My Account area on rm.com.

TEC8117227 - CC4 Windows 10 20H2 builds and possible junction point issue causing package install failures

Intune (Endpoint Manager) – Technical articles

We are putting together new articles to help you navigate Microsoft Intune (Endpoint Manager). Please refer to the following if you need assistance:

  • TEC6122412 – Intune & Autopilot – ‘How to’ articles reference and FAQ
  • TEC7902632 – Autopilot troubleshooting
  • TEC7687794 – BitLocker recovery key for 1-to-1 devices
  • TEC7715484 – Intune - Reporting options
  • TEC7955325 – How to switch off the ‘News and Interests’ task bar addition
  • TEC7883733 – Modifying the default Power Settings
  • TEC6188342 – How to add a Windows 10 computer to your tenancy
  • TEC8258622 – Shared devices may show a ‘Sign in as guest’ option
  • TEC8063614 – How to set Adobe Reader DC as the default PDF viewer

Microsoft also keep an updated list of new Intune features here: What's new in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs

More troubleshooting guides will follow in 2022 as we are seeing an uptake in Intune, so if you have anything you would like to see covered, please use the email address at the top of this newsletter to provide feedback.

Microsoft News

Windows 11 has released, and Microsoft are looking to take on the Chromebook market again with a new education version of the Surface priced at $249:

Read more

RM Support Articles

Technical articles, available on the RM Support page, can help you identify any potential gaps in your network and keep it up to date; here are some recently published articles

Networks Articles:


Intune (Endpoint Manager) - Shared devices may show a 'Sign in as guest' option


Driver Update 149 for Community Connect 4 networks [CC4DRV149]


Premium Support Network Check - FAQ


Important CC4 update for 'Point-and-Print' restrictions [CC4UPD225]


Modifying 'Point-and-Print' restrictions on Vanilla Windows networks following the August (and later) 2021 cumulative updates

RM Unify, Cloud, Microsoft 365 and Google Articles



Preparing your Chromebook for SSO to RM Unify


RM Finance Online and RM Unify


Error message "Authorisation Error" displayed when clicking 'Go to the Google consent page' during RM Unify federation


"You have signed out of RM Unify" page displayed after signing in to RM Unify


Enterprise enrolment of Chromebooks


"You have signed out of RM Unify" page displayed on opening Chrome


How to enrol in 2-Step Verification for Google accounts


User sees error "Oops, something went wrong" instead of the RM Unify Launch Pad


RM Unify Network Agent log error "the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer"

DfE scheme

As the Christmas holiday period approaches, we wanted to wish you season’s greetings and thank you for being a valued RM customer and to make you aware that we are excited to participate in BETT - 19 - 21 January 2022, Excel, London.

With a focus on empowering schools to enrich the lives of learners, this event is a great opportunity for us to engage with you and have a meaningful face-to-face conversation on your experience with our products. We’d also like to ensure you are getting the most from our technology, understand your future focus and see how we can help.

What are we showing at BETT?

Check out our highlights:

  • On the Teaching and Learning stage RM’s CEO, Neil Martin, will be presenting his vision of the future of education and how to harness technology to improve learning outcomes for all. (20 January 2.10pm – 2.40pm)
  • On the Tech in Action stage we will have two presentations, the first from David, on Leveraging the potential of the Cloud to help schools work smarter. (19 January 11.30 – 11.50am). The second from Steve Dew, Head Teacher and Director at Assess Progress, on School Moderation & Assessment using Comparative Judgement from Assess Progress and RM Compare. (20 January 1.30pm – 1.50pm).
  • Discover the full breadth of RM’s propositions on our stand located in the Management Solutions area (NM21). We’ll have demos and presentations from Digital Transformation, Formative Assessment, School Modernisation, MIS, Managed Services, Connectivity and Innovation.
  • We will also be working closely with our partners at the event and will share presentations and demos from them. This will cover all sorts of areas including school software and hardware.
  • There will be an opportunity for everyone who visits our stand to participate in our Passport Programme. For each completed Passport you will receive a complimentary gift and you will be entered into a daily draw to win an iPad.
Let’s meet up at BETT?

We will have Sales Managers available to discuss future strategies and identify potential solutions for your setting. So, we can arrange for them to meet with you, please email if you would like to arrange an appointment.

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