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Our identity management and single sign-on platform for schools makes setting up access to online applications a breeze

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Three Main Benefits To Using RM Unify

Single sign-on for teachers, pupils and office staff

With a personalised launchpad and one username and password for all their apps, everyone is quickly logged in and ready to go. Simplifying management and setup for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace for Education.

Spend less time setting up accounts and resetting passwords

User profiles are uploaded, edited and deleted automatically based on changes in your school MIS or AD. Vastly reducing administration effort and the chance of user error. Administrators can then quickly distribute settings to individuals, groups and entire cohorts.

Launch all of your digital resources from one screen

The Launch Pad provides all users with a single point of access for all their digital resources. Add tiles to user’s Launch Pads by either searching our app library for hundreds of educationally approved resources, or simply add your own link tiles such as bespoke school or class content with just a few clicks.


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Many requirements – one solution

As a TRUST I can
As a TRUST I can...
  • Share a single Microsoft 365 and/or Google Workspace tenancy with my schools

  • Manage all my schools centrally through my RM Unify Trust account

  • Provide easier access to online resources across my schools

  • Communicate to all or specific users in all of the schools in my trust through the notifications function

  • Personalise the design of my RM Unify login page and Launch Pads

As a SCHOOL I can...
  • Link to the school MIS system to grant access for the duration of a user’s school lifetime, and removes access once they have exited

  • Easily tailor the cloud-based resources, including Microsoft 365 and/or Google Workspace, for different groups of users

  • Collaborate more effectively across the schools in my Trust

  • Effectively manage all of my schools’ identities in one place

As a SCHOOL I can
As a TEACHER I can
As a TEACHER I can...
  • Easily sign into all the applications that I require all from one place and with one password

  • Personalise my own custom Launch Pads for each class type/subject with precisely the resources that they require

  • Reset a student password with just a few clicks

  • Collaborate more effectively with other users in my school or trust

  • Access my resources anytime, from anywhere, from any device

Read how Newton Primary School utilised RM Unify to help them on a journey to digital transformation.

“We signed up to RM Unify at the very start – this provided a very simple interface for children to navigate themselves, but where teachers still had control over what they could access in their class.”

Gareth Ludlam, Deputy Headteacher

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Key Numbers

Key Numbers

  • RM Unify is currently used by over 7,500 schools in the UK
  • 740,000+ users log in to RM Unify every month. (*Including Glow users in Scotland)
  • There are over 200 applications (and growing) for users to access in RM Unify from the Launchpad

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