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Today's digital classrooms demand a reliable, secure and safe internet connection. At RM, we’ve been connecting schools for three decades, so we understand the challenges.

“Our research of 1,000s of schools annually shows that teachers top three concerns are connectivity and infrastructure, ICT training, and a lack of funding. I’m glad that the DfE has listened to the evidence on this occasion and is announcing plans to improve connectivity and provide digital standard guidance to better help schools understand the baseline infrastructure that is needed to start addressing the digital divide that exists in our schools.”
Caroline Wright, Director General, BESA

“Connect the Classroom has enabled us to remove the worry of ensuring that the entire wireless infrastructure is future-proof and fully meets the needs of modern use of technology in school. It has also freed up resources for us to improve our broadband and therefore increase capacity.”
Paul Stimpson, Assistant Head Teacher and ICT Coordinator, Kirkby Woodhouse School

RM was part of the advisory board that helped the Department of Education decide on the standards. By answering 5 simple questions, you can benchmark yourself against the DfE’s guidance on broadband for schools. We are just a phone call away to help you meet them by offering competitive broadband packages.

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