Single Order Broadband FAQs

We have put together these frequently asked questions to explain in further detail the changes we are making to Broadband.

What is Single Order Broadband?

Single Order Broadband, also known in the industry as SOGEA, (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access), provides connectivity without the reliance on a PSTN line.

In 2025 the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) will be switched off by Openreach, which means the withdrawal of analogue PSTN and ISDN telephone service, and the UK moves away from copper connectivity towards an all-IP world of full fibre and digital voice.

What is changing and when?

Everyone currently using PSTN-based services, such as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), will need to upgrade to a new service. To keep this simple and ensure that it’s completed in good time we are migrating all our FTTC customers onto Single Order Broadband at the point of renewal.

If you have a multi-year contract with us the changes will be made at the end of multi-year term, and you’ll receive a reminder in your renewal.

Overview of events:
  • You receive your renewal at 90 days before your current contract expires.
  • If we don’t hear from you within 25 days, we will progress with the migration.
  • We will contact you to confirm details of the PSTN line that we will terminate.
  • Once confirmed we can arrange a date that suits you.
  • Migration takes place on agreed date.
  • We will contact you to check that everything is working as expected.
How does this new service affect us?
  • Same speeds now with greater stability.
  • Financial savings as you will not have to pay for the added cost of a PSTN service.
  • Switching is very simple and quick with minimal input from you required, it even works on the same equipment, if you are already on FTTC.
Will this switch happen automatically?

Yes, if your previous service was RM FTTC, we will be renewing your service onto Single Order Broadband, the same service without the need for a PSTN service and rental.

If we don’t hear from you within 25 days of the renewal notice being sent, we will progress with the migration.

Will there be downtime for the migration from FTTC to Single Order Broadband?

We expect downtime to be minimal, and typically does not last longer than 20 minutes.

We will arrange with you a suitable date for the change to happen. It's just a simple switchover that takes place at the exchange. Given the nature of the work this is normally completed during the early morning, but it can take place any time during your chosen day. It's important to consider this impact this may have on the day so please ensure that this is considered when you receive the appointment date.

Occasionally additional testing may be required which can take up to two hours, Openreach may send an engineer to change the face plate on your PSTN NTE (the small white box on the wall where the phone line is) depending on how old it is to get you digital ready. It’s important you know where this is in your building and that someone can show this to the engineer on the day. Again, its important to consider this impact it may have on the day so please ensure that this is considered when you receive the appointment date.

Can I stay with FTTC and my PSTN line?

You can, however this switch will need to happen at some point.

There are financial savings plus futureproofing benefits to making the change now. It will also mean that when the big switch off occurs you are ready. Not moving now means you will have to move later, potentially on a date that may be less convenient.

If you don’t want to move yet, you must let us know within 25 days of receiving your renewal notice by emailing

What happens if you have a PSTN line with a different provider?

Please do not cease your PSTN service without first contacting RM to confirm the migration has been completed successfully. Prematurely ceasing your PSTN will also cease your broadband service leaving you without a connection for your school, and may result in reconnection fees to get you up and running again.

What happens if your PSTN is supplied by us, RM?

We will contact you and confirm the number of the PSTN, this will allow you to check and confirm that this is not also used for any other service, such as telephone, alarm etc. If it is being used for anything else let us know and we could look at alternative options if it's still required. This will likely be terminated as part of the switch over so it's important to check.

Will there be any changes to my infrastructure or the speeds I receive?

Openreach may need to visit your site prior to the migration to change the face plate on your PSTN NTE (the small white box on the wall where the phone line is) depending on how old it is to get you digital ready. Other than this, there are no changes to the major infrastructure and the new service will be at least as fast as your FTTC.

Will I need new hardware when migrating from FTTC to Single Order Broadband?

No, there is no need for new hardware, it is the same technology just a different delivery method.

What does this mean if I’m a new customer?

For areas that aren't covered by full fibre we will quote a Single Order Broadband connection.

As we only need to have one line installed, we can speed up the delivery of the connection plus there are no excess construction charge (ECCS).

How can I get a quote for Single Order Broadband?

If you are a FTTC customer, you will automatically receive a renewal quote for Single Order Broadband.

If you are on another network and would like to switch to Single Order Broadband, please speak to your Account Manager for options or send an email to and they will assist you with this.

Further information

If you have any questions, please email and we will be happy to help.

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