Keeping up with GDPR

Now the GDPR deadline has passed and the dust has settled a little, are you sure your school complies? You are likely to have undertaken a number of measures as part of your initial compliancy project but how can you ensure you keep within GDPR guidelines?

Schools and MATs work with us to configure their cloud services to ensure effective data protection and compliance, saving time and providing peace of mind. We can easily identify your data, where it’s stored and how sensitive it is.

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RM Integris

If your school has RM Integris you can use the Datashare Management feature to see any additional applications that have access to your MIS data, such as parental communication tools. This can greatly simplify and enhance communication with parents and pupils.

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Office 365 Security Audit

Our Office 365 Security Audit can increase your Microsoft Secure Score, and make any agreed changes. We analyse your settings and make recommendations to improve your cloud security posture with a combination of free solutions as well as paid services.

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Office 365 Data Protection

Our Office 365 Data Protection service labels your documents based on their sensitivity and then allows you to prevent highly sensitive documents from being sent to the wrong person. You can also get an overview of where all your documents are and who they have been shared with, so you stay in complete control.


“The IT support we get from RM is absolutely excellent value for money. You receive a professional service that gives peace of mind and the reliability of technology that works.”

Trevor Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, The Constellation Trust Ltd/Sirius Academy North

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