Key considerations

From malware brought into school on a USB stick to staff credentials being breached; hackers attempting to steal data or hold it to ransom, keeping your school safe from online threats is paramount. Schools must work with a trusted cyber security provider who will be on hand to help if you ever face a security crisis.

How we can help

With a unique combination of cyber security solutions for your school we detect, protect and respond to cyber threats targeting your:

  • Identities
  • Devices
  • Data
  • Staff and pupils
  • Network

We can help with multi-layered security, through security assessments and recommendations, implementation of the latest solutions, ongoing support and monthly reports.

Trend micro
Trend Micro
Worry Free Services

Keeping endpoints and users safe with next-generation protection.


Security consultancy

Our specialists are experienced and knowledgeable in the latest policies and guidelines; together we can keep you safe! We can work with you to review your school or MAT IT security requirements, support you with planning, and advise you on how your students and staff can use online technology as securely as possible.

Our IT security consultancy and workshops are designed to inform you of the considerations and risks so you can act and respond effectively. They can all be tailored to help you overcome the challenges you face. There’s no rigid structure to our sessions because we know that every school is different.


We provide a range of assessments to find out how vulnerable you are to the most common cyber security threats:

Rapid cyber attack assessment
This assessment analyses how prone your IT infrastructure is to rapid cyber attacks such as ransomware. It looks at common vulnerabilities used by ransomware and advises you on ways to mitigate potentially destructive rapid cyber attacks.

Office 365 security assessment
While Office 365 can be a very safe and secure platform, often the default settings are not enough to fully protect your users and data. We analyse your Office 365 settings and make recommendations to improve your cloud security posture, with a combination of free solutions as well as recommendations for paid services.

Advanced cyber threat assessment
If you are concerned that you may already have an infection on your network or just aren’t 100% sure that everything is as it should be, we can install a security appliance that monitors all network traffic and analyses abnormal behaviour. You will receive a detailed report with our findings along with recommendations to fix any issues discovered.

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