Sir Tim Brighouse  

Books written by
Sir Tim Brighouse,
published by RM.

  • How successful head teachers survive and thrive (2007)

  • Essential pieces - The jigsaw of a successful school (2006)

Following the death of Sir Tim Brighouse, we are happy to make the two books he wrote while a non-executive director of RM Plc available to download.

It is testament to Sir Tim’s wisdom and desire for every child to have the best education education possible that much of the content is still relevant today.

Geoff Barton, then head of King Edward VI School in Bury St Edmunds, said at the time of 'Essential Pieces: The Jigsaw of a Successful School' - "the clear, simple synthesis in a tone so passionate, so drawn from experience, is a pleasure to read, and a reminder of what great books for teachers should be like."

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