We’re used to hearing of initiatives that set new school targets or guidelines. Well here’s an initiative that seems designed for one objective – to save schools money. The newly launched Information Management and Learning Services (IMLS) framework will make it much easier for schools to get a better deal when it comes to procuring MIS and Learning Platform contracts.

Every state school in the UK uses a school management information system (MIS). But the MIS market in the UK is dominated by one supplier and in 2010 Becta found that proper procurement activity by local authorities was virtually absent. Not ideal conditions for innovation, nor to find best value with school budgets under pressure!

So that’s where IMLS comes in – it allows schools and LAs to run mini-competitions between qualified suppliers for school MIS and Learning Platforms too. RM is delighted to be a supplier on the framework and we understand that it will shortly be available for schools and LAs to access.

We’ve set up a microsite to explain what the framework will do, who it’s for and how it works. To find out more visit www.whatisimls.com. We will send ‘what it means to you’ email updates to registered visitors as the framework goes live. You can also find links to the ‘MIS and Value for Money’ report, IMLS information from the DfE and more.

If you have any questions or comments, please do get in touch.

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