Technology for multi-academy trusts – see the possibilities

Our vision is to improve learning outcomes for all in schools through the use of technology. Multi-academy trusts can harness technology to create improvements in five critical areas

“This all-in-one solution is unique to RM.
No one else could have put this together – no one else does it all.”

Dan Lister
Chair of Governors, Forest CE Federation


The very existence of a multi-academy trust brings opportunities to share great work, and create positive outcomes for its learners. But barriers of incompatible systems, siloed data and disparate locations can prevent one school’s problem from being solved by existing practice at another. The right technology across a multi-academy trust can release excellent pedagogy to have an impact trust-wide through shared lesson planning, feedback techniques and assessment data collection.


Many multi-academy trust leaders want more data. Or at least more data that they can actually use to support decision making. Having a consistent approach across a trust makes reporting, analysis and ultimately action much easier. RM can provide the systems that connect schools to each other and centrally to the trust. Whether it’s assessment, attendance or behaviour, the less time spent combining spreadsheets, the greater the opportunity to base decisions on what your data tells you.

Consistency also provides the perfect platform for trust growth when the time is right. Adding a new school often means adding yet another system to wrestle with. Consistency across existing trust schools makes for easier integration of each new one.

"I was adamant that we had to have a consistent infrastructure across the Trust – both to improve communication and collaboration between schools – as well as to share resources and ideas."

Trevor Taylor,
Chief Operating Officer, Constellation Trust

Cost savings

Multi-academy trust technology investments should also positively impact your finances. A new approach to technology means typically moving systems to the cloud, ending reliance on individual servers in schools. Those servers are power-hungry and running when no one’s in school to use them. Reduced energy consumption means lower bills and improved environmental performance.

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The right technology strategy can help solve the challenges of an ever-changing compliance environment. If being GDPR-compliant concerns you, RM has the systems expertise to keep data secure and accessible only to the right people in school and at the trust level.

Education is the most targeted sector for cyber-attacks. By implementing a trust-wide security approach, you no longer need to worry which of your schools is the weak link that could let attacks in. If the unforeseen occurs, cloud-based systems give you the best opportunity to have a robust business continuity response.

"I would hate to think how a school with a large quantity of unmanaged devices would cope with their safeguarding obligations."

Dan Stamp,
IT Technician, King James I Academy

Change management

If your trust were a similar-sized business, it would probably have people with job titles like project manager or business analyst. Trusts can’t afford those kinds of non-teaching luxuries. RM’s expertise in bringing integrated technology to multi-academy trusts means that you can rely on our help to implement change successfully.

"RM’s implementation and project management capabilities differ from the skillsets that we have in a school. Originally a teacher, my role has evolved through pragmatic need, and by working with RM, we each play to our strengths in a complementary way."

Trevor Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, Constellation Trust

To get the full story of how RM helped the Constellation Trust achieve its objectives through technology change, read the case study.

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