Technology for
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Empower your staff to deliver their best teaching, deliver on your commitments to pupils and parents/carers, and prepare your students for today’s digital-first society.

With nearly 50 years’ experience in education, RM is uniquely placed to help your school develop a tailored and affordable technology strategy.

"RM were great for us. They helped show us the way, without dictating the path we had to follow. We felt in complete control, but with a coach stood alongside us to guide us."

Sue Ferguson
Headteacher, Ellen Wilkinson Primary School

IT support

RM’s support offerings embed your IT into your school’s learning goals and management systems.

Options include:

  • a fully managed IT support service with an on-site team
  • support for your internal resources through regular visits on pre-defined days
  • remote daily system checks and access to our network maintenance experts

“When there is an IT problem, it usually requires an immediate response. It is easy to be seduced by the flexibility of a smaller player, but the reality is that when the chips are down, you need to be able to call upon someone who has the breadth and depth of expertise you need.”

Paul Hamilton,
Director of Operations, Denefield School


The DfE’s published school broadband and networking standards make clear that the faster your connection, the better. RM’s fully managed broadband services will give you the best speed available in your location. All the cyber security and safeguarding protections you need are built-in, giving teachers and learners the confidence to use technology to its fullest extent.

Whatever the speed of your broadband connection, the internal network infrastructure can make for frustrating experiences in different areas of school. Our partnership with networking specialists Aruba means that you can get a stable and fast connection throughout your school.

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Cost savings

A new approach to technology typically means moving systems to the cloud, ending reliance on individual servers in schools. Those servers are power-hungry and running when no one’s in school to use them. Reduced energy consumption means lower bills and improved environmental performance.

Affording a wholesale change of technology may have been prohibitive when adding setup, support, warranty, and training. Our flexible leasing options for hardware, software, installation, training and support in one package bring the benefits of technology upgrades within reach.

"You get what you pay for, and I know that when the team select RM for something, it will get done and to me that’s excellent value for money."

Andrea West,
Senior Finance and Operations Manager, Ashlyns School

Compliance and cyber security

Implementing the right technology strategy can help meet the challenges of an ever-changing compliance environment. RM has the systems expertise to keep your data secure and accessible only to the right people in school.

A recent survey by the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport revealed that schools are far more like to be the target of a cyber attack than businesses. By implementing a whole-school security approach, you no longer need to worry about where the weak link is that could let attacks in. If the unforeseen occurs, cloud-based systems give you the best opportunity to have a robust business continuity response.

Read how RM helped Brockmoor Primary School revamp the technology used across the school to enable better communication with staff, pupils and their parents/carers.

Read the case study

What’s next?

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