Get children interested in maths early on for greater academic success by Simon Thompson

When pupils move from GCSE to A levels, often maths is considered to be a tough subject that’s only for the super bright. Many students may get put off the subject both from ... Read More

Budget Solutions: Becoming a Server-less School by Lesley Smith

During our research into ICT spend, we found that some secondary schools, for instance, are spending as much as £135 per pupil on school-employed ICT teams and any ... Read More

Let's explore the digital age of consent by Charlotte Aynsley

The Digital Age of Consent You may or may not have noticed but back in December last year the European Parliament considered whether we should change the age of consent when ... Read More

Budget Solutions: Reducing ICT Support Costs by Kerry Helby

In our previous blog posts exploring Budget Solutions, we’ve seen how becoming a server-less school can have a significant impact on reducing your school’s overall ICT ... Read More

Digital Parenting - The role of parents and schools by Charlotte

Last night I did a parents’ evening at a school – a large secondary school with about 1000 students on roll. There was a great turnout and the school is really committed to ... Read More

Independent schools can do things differently and save c£250k on ICT by Alan Hodgin

The following article was written for and appears in the Spring 2016 issue of ‘The Bursar’s Review’, the termly magazine sent to members of the Independent Schools’ ... Read More

Budget Solutions: Rethinking Your Approach to ICT by Lesley Smith

Technology is changing the world and will inevitably have a huge impact on the world our children grow up into. But as technology becomes an increasingly integral part of ... Read More

Promote a positive culture of success by helping your children to Aspire, Achieve and Celebrate with Good2Go by Imogen Naylor-Higgs

RM Unify are thrilled to announce that Good2Go is now available through RM Unify. Through the recording and sharing of achievements, Good2Go celebrates everything that is ... Read More

Why choose RM? An interview with the MD by Lesley Smith

At BETT 2016 a film crew from the Education Business Magazine interviewed Toby Black, Managing Director of RM Education, on why he thinks RM is the best choice for your ICT ... Read More

Legacy 110 by Imogen Naylor-Higgs

It is now almost a year since Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon launched the Legacy 110 project; a project designed to encourage pupils who have visited the First World War ... Read More


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