Making the Most of Cloud Technologies... a non-techie view by Andy Hutt

Recently we've had a lot of interest from multi-academy trusts about how to make the most of the cloud technologies available. Guest blogger Andy Hutt, Educational ... Read More

NLT study: “Using ebooks increases boys’ reading progress and makes them keener, more confident readers.” by Becca Wren

Today, the National Literacy Trust has published a new study entitled The Impact of ebooks on the Reading Motivation and Reading Skills of Young People.The study is one of ... Read More

Pupil premium by RM Unify Administrator

Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011. In 2012–13 schools were allocated a total of £1.25 billion funding for children from low-income families who were eligible for ... Read More

Bridging the education equality gap by Becca Wren

Our debates and discussions forum hosted by Jeremy Vine looked at some of the most pressing issues in education today; here, we recap the discussions on how educators can ... Read More

Borrow Penguin Random House ebooks through RM Books by Becca Wren

Penguin Random House UK today announced its full catalogue of ebooks are available for libraries to lend. RM Education, the UK’s leading education technology supplier, today ... Read More

Health and Wellbeing by RM Unify Administrator

Learning in health and wellbeing ensures that children and young people develop the knowledge, understanding and skills which they need now and in the future. Learning in ... Read More

Internet Safety: The Importance of Clear Escalation Routes by Kat Howard

The increase in freely-available, inappropriate images, as well as inappropriate behaviour amongst students in certain age ranges, has given rise to more serious breaches of ... Read More

Release of RM Unify v3.2 – Chromebook single sign-on by RM Unify Administrator

RM Unify v3.2 is here. This automatic update will be music to the ears of schools currently using or looking to use Chromebooks with their RM Unify accounts. v3.2 of RM ... Read More

Internet Safety: Taking a Whole-School Approach by Kate Brady

In the last 18 months, we’ve seen a growing number of schools suddenly becoming concerned that their policies are out of date, and realising they may need to invest in ... Read More

Trust-Centred Student Collaboration by Andy Hutt

Recently we've had a lot of interest from multi-academy trusts about the online tools available to support effective student collaboration. Following on from guest blogger ... Read More


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