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With more than 2,400 schools choosing RM Integris as their school management information system, discover the benefits of switching your MIS today.

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Choosing a New MIS?

RM Integris Plus brochure

This brochure includes

  • Read about why RM Integris is right for your school

  • Understand more about some of the key features, such as Parent Pay and helloData Reporting

  • Start planning your switch to RM Integris plus

Choosing a New MIS

The guide includes

  • How to decide what functionality matters to you

  • How to choose between different suppliers

  • Managing different stakeholders in the process

"Any school who has not reviewed their MIS system for a while should do so now. There are so many other options out there, and you may be pleasantly surprised – both with the functionality and the cost savings you can make".

School Business Manager,
Infants School, Wallingford

RM Integris helps Local Authority Maintained Primary Schools:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Greater insight

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How RM Integris helps Multi Academy Trust Primary Schools:

  • Consistency and control
  • Clearer visualisation of data
  • Easy comparison of key metrics

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Our powerful suite of recording, analysis and reporting tools allows you to easily interpret the data across your systems and schools, identify key trends and take appropriate actions to improve performance.

A smooth migration process and our outstanding support services means nothing gets in the way of your mission.

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"Being able to have the system updated whilst we are not here has saved a tremendous amount of time. Previously, an IT technician would have to come in and run the updates, whereas now we just come in knowing that it’s already done for us."

Mell Julian,
Head Teacher, Ashbrook Junior School

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