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Nominate someone at RM Education for their exceptional service for you

At RM Education we know that our service is determined by what happens in schools and establishments – whether that is in person, or increasingly via remote support online and over the telephone. Whilst there may be many hundreds of people behind the scenes keeping your school or establishment operating safely and efficiently, we are keen to recognise those people who make a tangible difference to you – our customers.

With that in mind we would like to hear about any of our team who have gone beyond your expectations. Every single nomination will be reviewed by a senior team within RM Education, and each month one or two of these will be singled out for recognition amongst their peers as well as receiving a small monetary acknowledgement.

To help us select those people who have gone beyond their day-job we would ask you to complete the following simple form, and click the SUBMIT button below.

We have identified five characteristics that we feel make the difference in delivering outstanding service to our customers. It would be beneficial if you could select the behaviour (by ticking one of the boxes below) that you believe best reflects why you have nominated the person above:

Being Brave
They did not settle for less than great – nor shied away from the difficult – in order to deliver the right outcome for you.
Winning Together
They built trust with your team, working collaboratively to deliver a better outcome for you.
Being Curious
They sought out a new idea and/or a more innovative solution to your problem.
Making it Simple
They made a complex issue easier to understand and strove for the simplest solution to deliver the best result for you.
Consider it Done
You relied upon them to get the job done. They were tenacious in delivery, and responded energetically to the challenge you faced.

Finally - the nomination itself. Please could you detail what it is that you are nominating our colleague for - and why. In particular we are keen to understand why this was important to you… what the impact of it was for you and your school… and - especially - why this was above and beyond the level of service you would normally expect from us.

Occasionally we may want to use your nomination words within our marketing and/or website. Please tick this box if you are ok with this approach.

What happens to the nominations?

Nominations are received into RM and judged on a monthly basis. Nominations are judged on what the individual or team have done and the impact of their actions. Depending on the nominations received, not every category may be awarded each month.

What happens if my nominee wins?

Winners are announced internally so that their achievements receive recognition from around the business.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We want all our customers to be successful and to have a really great experience of RM, our products and services.
To keep delivering and improving, we need to know how you feel about our products and services and why you would choose to recommend us (or not). Our survey asks 3 very simple questions and takes no more than a minute to complete.

1. Would you recommend us?

Reflecting back on your experience of RM, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

2. What's the reason?

Tell us the main reasons that contributed to you giving us this score

3. Who needs to know?

So that we can make sure your feedback gets to the right people quicker, we also ask you to choose which area of the business (if any) your feedback relates to.

We read and share every response made to the survey, and take action as required. Each area of the business is responsible for managing their own feedback, and collectively we review this data every month at a meeting that includes all of our Directors. If the time is not right for you to respond to the survey, you can still decline and it will pop-up again in a month's time.

How do I complete the survey?

The survey will 'pop up' once every three months when you log into our website. Alternatively, you can go to the survey page in My Account and if the survey is due for you to complete it, you can launch it from there. You will also be able to see your previous scores and suggestions.

Complete the Survey


Making a complaint

Email the member of RM you are already dealing with, or email Customer Experience at ce@rm.com. To report abuse such as phishing, spam etc. please email abuse@rm.com. We aim to respond to all complaints and reports of abuse within 5 working days.

Alternatively you can call us on 08450 700 300 and ask to speak to our Customer Experience Team.

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