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Customer Experience Awards

It is vital that we provide an excellent customer experience to all our customers. We have amazing people that work here and we capture their very best moments through the RM Customer Experience Awards. This is a very well established programme that our staff are very excited about and is the way in which we recognise those people that have really stood out. If you have experienced fantastic service from one of our members of staff, please do nominate them for a Customer Experience Award. There are two main categories that awards can be given for:

"Right First Time"

Within this category, we are looking for people who have made real effort to ensure that whatever they are delivering is right first time. A previous winner in this category includes a Project Manager who gave up their own time to ensure that a project they were previously working on was not jeopardised when a colleague was poorly.

"Going the Extra Mile"

We hear about many staff who will go the extra mile to resolve customer issues and come up with new solutions to help them achieve their aims. In recent months the award winners for this category has included an engineer who made themselves available to help a customer that was experiencing issues with their network, despite the fact that they were on two weeks' holiday at the time.

Nominate an RM employee

If you have received fantastic customer service from a member of RM staff, or a team, then you can nominate them for an RM Customer Experience Award. This is a great way to recognise excellent service and our awards are something that our staff really value. To nominate someone, please fill in the form below. All nominations are reviewed and are considered based upon the evidence provided in the nomination.

Your nomination
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What happens to the nominations?

Nominations are received into RM and judged on a monthly basis. Nominations are judged on what the individual or team have done and the impact of their actions. Depending on the nominations received, not every category may be awarded each month.

What happens if my nominee wins?

If you have requested to be notified if your nominee wins, you will receive an email from us. Winners are also announced internally so that their achievements receive recognition from around the business.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We want all our customers to be successful and to have a really great experience of RM, our products and services.
To keep delivering and improving, we need to know how you feel about our products and services and why you would choose to recommend us (or not). Our survey asks 3 very simple questions and takes no more than a minute to complete.

1. Would you recommend us?
Reflecting back on your experience of RM, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

2. What's the reason?
Tell us the main reasons that contributed to you giving us this score

3. Who needs to know?
So that we can make sure your feedback gets to the right people quicker, we also ask you to choose which area of the business (if any) your feedback relates to.

We read and share every response made to the survey, and take action as required. Each area of the business is responsible for managing their own feedback, and collectively we review this data every month at a meeting that includes all of our Directors. If the time is not right for you to respond to the survey, you can still decline and it will pop-up again in a month's time.

How do I complete the survey?

The survey will 'pop up' once every three months when you log into our website. Alternatively, you can go to the survey page in My Account and if the survey is due for you to complete it, you can launch it from there. You will also be able to see your previous scores and suggestions.

Complete the Survey

Making a complaint

Email the member of RM you are already dealing with, or email Customer Experience at To report abuse such as phishing, spam etc. please email We aim to respond to all complaints and reports of abuse within 5 working days.

Alternatively you can call us on 08450 700 300 and ask to speak to our Customer Experience Team.

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