RM Integris school management information system
More power
from your data.

RM Integris helps to drive better outcomes for the students and staff in your local schools.

Our powerful suite of recording, analysis and reporting tools allows the easy transfer of data across systems and schools, helps to identify key trends and enables appropriate actions to improve performance.

  • Work in partnership with RM Integris to provide the best support to your schools
  • Consistency and control from the heart of your local authority
  • Easy and reliable statutory recording and reporting between your schools and your local authority
  • Expert help and advice from our education data and technology specialists.

Our powerful suite of recording, analysis and reporting tools allows you to easily interpret the data across your systems and schools, identify key trends and take appropriate actions to improve performance.

A smooth migration process and our outstanding support services means nothing gets in the way of your mission.

Over 2,400 schools have chosen
RM Integris as their MIS

We work with schools just like yours, from primary and secondaries to special schools and school trusts.

RM Integris

The best school management software that money can buy, for less than you’d expect.


Support partner

RM Education has a proven record of working in close partnership with many local authorities (LAs) across the country. We understand the value of providing local and trusted support at a regional level and positively encourage local authorities to provide their own support to their schools.

Consistency and control across your authority

Reports, communications and assessments can be created centrally and pushed out across your local schools helping to create consistency of reporting. This provides easier like-for-like comparisons of school performance across your LA and gives you more control over what data is being recorded, by whom and for what purpose. You can also get central access to each school’s schema (provided relevant permissions are given) making it easy for you to view and report on data centrally.

Statutory recording and reporting

We recognise the importance of statutory reporting and of making it easy for schools and local authorities to manage. The process is simple and straightforward, giving schools confidence that funding, results and census returns are all accurate.

Expert help and advice from our team of education specialists

You’re guaranteed the very best support from our UK team of education experts. We will ensure you receive the very best training to help get you up and running as quickly as possible, whilst our team of education and technology experts will also provide all the ongoing support you need to make sure you maximise the benefits of the MIS. We work closely with our local authority partners to run annual RM Insights Meetups, giving you a chance to network with your schools.

We’ve helped hundreds of schools switch to RM Integris. Contact us and find out just how easy it is...

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RM Integris can save you money

With RM Integris you can make significant savings compared with many competing solutions and with all the functionality you need. Alongside excellent value for money, RM Integris offers everything you need from a school MIS whilst we are also constantly working on ways we can improve the service at no extra cost to you.

RM Integris can save you time

RM Integris provides an extremely time efficient way of capturing, inputting and reporting all your school data in one central system. Ease of use combined with efficient reporting means valuable time savings across your school.

RM Integris is completely cloud hosted

School staff are able to easily login and access the system anytime, anywhere and on any device. Automatic updates are run seamlessly overnight with no interruption to your working day. And if there’s a problem, there’s no need to worry as we will fix it remotely.

RM Integris was the first MIS to be completely cloud-hosted, proving our ongoing commitment to new innovative solutions to support schools.

RM Integris makes a real impact

It’s not just about management of your school information, but also making a real difference in your school. The ability to deliver fast, credible and detailed reports for Ofsted and Census submissions whilst also highlighting areas of strength and showing the impact of interventions can help your SLT plan improvements and share knowledge across the school.

“Here in Derbyshire, our LA supports in excess of 350 schools. We get great feedback about the product; ‘RM Integris’, how simple it is to use for everyday functionality.

In 3 years of working in partnership the software has evolved, we have seen great developments; both little tweaks and larger pieces of work and the RM roadmap would indicate that this progression is set to continue.

It is self-evident by the great turnout at the Insights Meetups that our schools too are engaged and interested in where the product will develop next.”

Derbyshire LA Support Team

“Key members of the RM Support team have been invaluable in our journey to learning the product. We believe the Help function within the software, whilst has always been useful, has improved exponentially since our contract started. Who’d have thought it, a ‘help’ function that is actually helpful!

RM are always keen to seek our input and value suggestions either from meeting/discussions with the Support team or from our schools via ‘User Voice’.”

Derbyshire LA Support Team

“Partnerships and links that RM have made with other applications recently will help us develop how a School or a Trust can maximise the use of their MIS and in turn best outcomes for young people.”

Derbyshire LA Support Team

We’ve helped hundreds of schools switch to RM Integris. Contact us and find out just how easy it is...

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Find out more about some of our top features that will enable you to fully harness the power of RM Integris...

RM Intelligence

A dashboard of graphs and charts showing key information at a school level that can quickly identify trends and issues.


Reports, communications and assessments can be created centrally and pushed out across your local authority helping to create consistency of reporting. Controller also gives easy access to each school’s schema.

Statutory Requirements

Statutory reports are simple to run and the census process is easy to follow, giving you reassurance that your school meets all statutory requirements.


Over 180 ready-made reports that are easy to run, understand and further analyse in Excel. Alternatively, create your own reports to meet your needs.


A fully customisable suite of assessment tools enabling complete flexibility to create assessment plans, markbooks and analysis to suit your school’s own assessment programme.

Data Sharing

To help with GDPR compliance, RM Integris Datashare allows your schools to share data securely and transparently with third parties.

Behaviour Management

Record and report on positive and negative behaviours using a fully customisable behaviour module which also meets statutory requirements.

Parental Communications and Consents

The Parent Hub app includes an app, email and text messaging service that is integrated directly with your RM Integris data. Record customisable parental consents for easy checking and reporting. The Parent Portal gives parents access to important information, such as attendance, behaviour, timetables and reports.

Staff Details, Absences and Cover

An efficient system to record staff details, absences and allocation of cover, as well as recording information required for the School Workforce (SWF) Census.

Document Storage

Import and store documents electronically against individual students and staff, helping to save paper whilst storing them securely.


A range of personal alerts to enable users to be instantly made aware of inputs into RM Integris.

Exam Management

A complete examination module covering entries, through to seating arrangements and reporting. Includes Attainment 8, Progress 8 and EBacc analysis.

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