RM Integris school management information system
You want the best
from your students.

Why accept anything less from the school management information system that makes your school run?

Education isn’t about box-ticking. It’s about building futures.
RM Integris gives schools, administrators and parents
easy, secure access to the information they need
at a price they can afford.

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Why do our customers choose RM Integris as their MIS? Because experience is the best teacher

For 45 years, RM Education has been working with schools to deliver outstanding results for students. Results that improve lives. We’ve never stopped. Today our technology removes the headaches involved in running a school effectively.

Our cloud-based technology provides a secure and stable platform so teachers spend less time on classroom record keeping and more time with students. Administrators get a seamlessly synchronised system in which all records are current and compliant. For school heads, RM Integris provides a comprehensive, centralised view of their organisation, whether a single school or as part of a trust.

Our powerful suite of recording, analysis and reporting tools allows you to easily interpret the data across your systems and schools, identify key trends and take appropriate actions to improve performance.

A smooth migration process and our outstanding support services means nothing gets in the way of your mission.

Over 2,400 schools have chosen
RM Integris as their MIS

We work with schools just like yours, from primary and secondaries to special schools and school trusts.

RM Integris

The best school management software that money can buy, for less than you’d expect.


Primary and Special Schools

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Secondary and All Through Schools

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Multi-Academy Trusts

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