RM SafetyNet
and SSL Interception

The RM SafetyNet ‘SSL interception’ functionality gives us the ability to successfully intercept and filter inappropriate search results.

In order to perform SSL interception, RM SafetyNet needs to decrypt, analyse, and then re-encrypt all traffic using a security certificate.
This certificate will ensure that your users remain protected from inappropriate content when searching using Google.

What action is required from you?

  • Please deploy a certificate to all computers and devices that browse via an RM SafetyNet filtered connection.
  • Below you’ll find clear instructions for Windows networks, Apple devices including iPads, Android devices and Google Chromebooks.
  • We’re providing an easy to use test web site which you can use to confirm that everything has worked and you are ready for when Google and other web browsers make the change.

We’re here to help you

Our helpdesk will be happy to help you during this important task. If you would like to speak to a support representative about this issue, please call 08454 040 000.


We have produced a set of instructions and downloads to guide you through installing the certificate correctly on all major operating systems (for both managed and standalone devices). Please make sure you download the files and documentation you need.

Test your certificate installation

To check your browser(s) to see if the RM SafetyNet Certificate is correctly installed please visit http://certificatecheck.rm.com/

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