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Our Voice Services use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which is the more modern way of making phone calls over internet lines as opposed to older copper phone lines, this ensures better connectivity and call quality. In addition, VoIP allows multiple phone calls over the same line (as opposed to one per line) which saves you time and money and allows you to consolidate your school connectivity into one connection.

With BT announcing that from 2025 all copper phone lines will be switched off, now is a great time to review your service and ensure your school is ready for the future.

There are also a number of extra features that VoIP technology allows you to exploit, which are explored in more detail in the table below.

What’s included?

At RM Education we like to make things as simple as possible and so offer a fully managed service with all of the technology and features you need as standard with a few upgrade options depending on your requirements. For a more detailed explanation of the features as well as additional elements of the service, click the “full feature list” button below.

What’s included

Fully managed service

Free handsets*

Free replacement handsets, whatever the issue!

24/7 Support

Free calls to UK landlines and mobiles**

Wellbeing hotline

Emergency broadcasts

Fraud Monitoring

Free site-to-site calls

From £12ex VAT (per handset per month)

Full feature list Discuss your Voice requirements

*free handsets included in the price, upgrade options are available on request.

**subject to our standard call policy

2025 Switch Off

With Openreach announcing that they will be switching off all PSTN phone lines in 2025 as part of the ‘fibre cities’ initiative, all schools will need to switch to a VoIP phone service.

We’ve put together a helpful PSTN Switch Off guide to ensure you have all the information you need when planning your school’s approach to the switch off.

Download our PSTN Switch Off Guide

Benefits for school trusts

There are a number of specific benefits of RM Voice Services that school trusts can take advantage of, detailed below.

Centralised reception – the ability to have all calls to any school in the trust go through a central reception.

Free site-to-site calls – get free calls to other sites in the trust that use RM Voice Services.

Scalable and flexible service – a service that can grow as you do, add more sites as and when you need.

Divert calls to another site – an excellent feature to include as part of your school business continuity plan (BCP), divert calls to head office or another site at short notice should the need arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Can I keep my old phone numbers?”

Absolutely, we can migrate your current numbers across or provide new ones, whichever you’d prefer.

“How long is it likely to take to move to RM’s VoIP services?”

Naturally it depends on a range of factors affecting your school and we will be able to advise specific timings once we’ve captured your full requirements as part of our onboarding process.

“Can I use my old handsets?”

Our Phone Services include free handsets as part of your contract and are guaranteed to work with our VoIP solution. We also provide full support and free replacement phones which we can’t with older handsets.

“What happens if I lose internet connectivity?”

Most internet providers in education have excellent availability (RM have 99.999% core availability for example), but there are instances out of anyone’s control that could cause issues, such as roadworks causing cables to be cut accidentally and so for complete confidence we would recommend a backup line.

In addition to recommending a backup line, and as part of your Business Continuity Planning (BCP) RM will forward your calls to another number should there be an issue to ensure you can still answer calls whilst the problem is fixed.

Find out more about our backup lines

“Will I need more bandwidth in my internet connection to use VoIP services?”

It depends on what you currently get, but generally no, your VoIP phone services should work alongside and not against your normal internet connection. We can provide guidance based on your specific circumstances but the main consideration is whether your internet provider caps your bandwidth. (If they do, talk to us about our completely uncapped, award winning connectivity!)

Discuss your Voice requirements

*Phone displayed at the top of the page is an upgrade option, talk to your account manager to discuss your requirements.

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