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RM Education recommends Windows 8.

The jigsaw of a successful school
Toward Customer Success
The jigsaw of a successful school  

"Many of you will know RM as 'an IT company', and you'd be right that is our principal business, and we have spent the last five years working really hard to dramatically improve our products and services so as to better satisfy our customers in education.

But RM is actually a group of a number of companies working in education both in IT and elsewhere.

Because of that we have a bigger vision, one not just of caring that we do everything we can to make our customers happy, but also that we do everything we can to make them successful. Over the last couple of years, some really great people, of whom Tim Brighouse is one, have helped us shape this vision. 

A few months ago we asked Tim to speak at one of our annual conferences and to write an article for INFORM magazine. The wealth and depth of his material however was so great that we both felt it could fill a small book. And so we helped him put one together. When we read his finished words we thought they were so relevant and concise and wise that we should share them beyond the delegates at our conferences.

Therefore, we have arranged for 10,000 books to be made available. Together with Tim, we have decided that we could use this little book for both a good cause and to honour one of education and Tim's great friends, the late Ted Wragg.  RM has paid to print and distribute the books free of charge, but we do ask for a small donation to go to the Ted Wragg foundation."
Tim Pearson, CEO RM

To download a PDF version of this book by Professor Tim Brighouse, please click here.