Win!We're working with Intellect, Teach First and NAACE to understand your views on the use of technology in your school. Complete this 3-minute survey, by 31 Dec 2010, to be entered into the prize draw to win one of ten £50 vouchers for either M&S or Amazon. Complete the survey »

Intellect, TeachFirst and Naace would value your view on the use of technology in your school. In return we would like to offer you a chance to win one of ten £50 vouchers for M&S or To participate, all you have to do is complete the following 3-minute survey, by 5pm on Friday 31 December to be entered in the prize draw. Whatever your role at your school, we are interested to hear from you.

We believe that policy, especially when it comes to technology, can only be properly developed with a full understanding of what education practitioners really want and need. So, we would like to hear your views about technology in your school at the moment, and how you think the picture might change in the future. We are keen to collect a range of perspectives, so please feel free to forward this survey to your colleagues. Complete the survey »

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