Continuing our series of money saving tips for schools, today we'll share efficiencies schools are realising through their learning platforms.

  • Governor engagement: Foley Infant school in Staffordshire estimate saving £500 per annum "since setting up the Governors space on the Learning Platform the resource saving in terms of time and paper has been immense"
  • Parental engagement: through the creation of an online parent newsletter, Sandford Primary school reduced administration, photocopying and printing costs, saving two weeks of admin time that was then put to great use by adding content and resources on the learning platform
  • What's the cost of all those hours of lost learning when the school gates close due to bad weather?
  • Try using web conferencing tools for lessons or meetings to save on travel costs. Eureka Primary School stay in touch with each other and their global partners: "Some of my children were really lucky to be able to speak to me whilst out of school at a presentation I was doing for Becta – they were impressed. Just about to use it with Australia and America!"
  • Many schools are now using forms and lists in their learning platform to manage bookings for resources such as the minibus and ICT equipment. Simple to set up, they're saving administrators time and effort by having all the requests online in a single place, meaning no more double bookings

Chris Drage, former teacher and now consultant and journalist covering learning with ICT says, "as funding gets ever tighter, a prudent school would be wise to look more closely at how to effectively implement its learning platform before spending more of the budget on extra resources. The government pressure might be off but economic pressures don't look like going away any time soon..." find out more.

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