More than a thousand schools were closed across the UK yesterday, with snow causing the most travel chaos in Scotland and the north of England. This morning's new snow fall compounds the problem. But far from freezing, learning lives on (virtually) for the well prepared...

  1. Watch ITN News article showing on how Glow keeps Scotland's pupils learning despite the atrocious weather conditions.
  2. During February's big freeze, Maxine Evans, headteacher at Rush Common Primary school, used the school's learning platform remotely to:
  • set work for pupils
  • inform parents of school opening and closing news
  • recruit a JCB to clear the car park (it's snow joke!)
  • hold a staff discussion to find out if enough staff could make it in to reopen the school

Listen to the BBC interview with Maxine and read the advice and guidance on how to harness technology to keep your school open.

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