8th Annual Safer Internet Day sees launch of new UK Safer Internet web site

Safer Internet Day is celebrated in over 65 countries and aims to help young people, and those that support them, understand how to get the most out of the Internet and use it safely and responsibly.

The new UK Safer Internet Centre, brought to you by Childnet, SWGfL and IWF and co-funded by the European Commission, have developed a new website , hosting a range of information on internet safety, and new teaching resources designed for schools to use for Safer Internet Day.

As the UK's largest education Internet Service Provider (ISP), and a member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety, we're absolutely delighted to be supporting Safer Internet Day. E-Safety has been the critical element of our services for almost 15 years, since the heady days of a 56k 'dial-up' connection to the World Wide Web! Last year alone, our SafetyNet filtering service blocked 281 million pages of inappropriate material, helping to keep pupils safe online.

Are you facing increased broadband costs?

If you're one of the many schools facing increased charges for internet connectivity, you may be interested in our guide on the reasons for inflated prices, the options you have and the questions you should be asking your Internet Service Provider.

The Munro Review

Professor Eileen Munro signalled a new approach in her interim report on child protection, which focuses on helping children rather than on regulations, inspections and procedures. The report highlights the importance of having multi-agency services based in the community to help keep children safe and support their wellbeing, an approach we helped pioneer with the South West Grid for Learning in 2005.

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