RM Education have officially launched the first full function touch device in their mobile range - the RM Slate.

Designed specifically for education, the RM Slate has been developed to meet the market need for a Windows based touch device. The RM Slate is a fully functioning tablet PC with Windows 7, a multi-touch screen and starts at an accessible price of just £399 excl VAT.

Steve Beswick, Microsoft Education Director, said: "We are delighted to have worked with RM Education to bring this exclusive Windows based device to the UK market. With Windows 7, users will welcome the familiarity of the interface and will be able to run all the applications they know and love."

This new revolutionary device brings personal computing in the classroom to a new level. The RM Slate runs Flash which gives you full access to specific functions and websites which are dependant upon this technology. The RM Slate provides an excellent handwriting recognition function to enable access to word processing or to drawing tools. With the RM Slate you are free to surf the web whenever and wherever you are. With a variety of ports including SD and SIM card slots, mini-HDMI and 2 USB ports, to name but a few, you always have full connectivity and the right connection. The device comes complete with a Webcam, microphone and speakers, allowing individual or group creativity to take place anywhere, inside or out.

The RM Slate is as slender as a mobile phone and has the most generous hand-held screen size you've ever seen at 11.6 inches to maximise viewing of documents, movies and websites.

Terry Sweeney, RM CEO said: "Pre-orders of the RM Slate have already proven its future popularity with customers from all across the UK. With the interest in touch technology growing continuously I am excited that RM is leading the way in the education sector for a Windows based touch device."

The RM Slate is available to order now from www.rm.com/slate.

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