UPDATE: Thanks to the many schools who've already entered our competition with some quite brilliant designs and visions for their schools. If you haven't already entered, don't worry, there's still time, as all entries up until the end of Monday 28th February will be considered. Get designing and, if you're short of inspiration, scroll down to look at some example designs to get you thinking.

How about this to kick start your Monday morning? Enter our competition to design your ideal learning space, and you could win it. First prize is £20,000 of ICT (in total we're giving away £26,500 of prizes).

What makes an ideal learning space ideal?

Put it together: your dream classroom. Kit it out with your favourite things from the RM Real Centre - invisible, visible, soft, hard, must-have, nice-to-have. Then send us your design and rationale for a chance to win £20,000 worth of dream classroom. And more prizes besides. Competition closes on 28 February so find out more now.

Why would I enter?

I've asked Vicki Grant, the Learning Spaces Competition Co-ordinator, to say a few words as she's been working with schools to scope out this competion, and was at BETT the other week to officially launch the competition.

'We launched our Learning spaces competition at BETT and it was really great to speak to schools about the competition and the possibilities of what they could do if they win. In these difficult times, even schools with a limited budget could achieve a brand new learning space if they win!

It's not just the prize that is exciting, but also the competition itself. Schools are asked to submit entries on what an ideal learning space in their school would look like. This could be anything from a flexible classroom to a full market square entrance hall (as some BSFs have opted for!), the only criteria is for the entry to be emailed to us with a written summary, so it could be anything from computer designs to scanned drawings to photos to virtual walk throughs... I think this makes a really good class project, incorporating student voice into the ideas.

I need some inspiration - help me!

Okay, once you get started on the project, half the battle's won. So here's a couple of examples of what you could submit! First of all, here's Emma's classroom:

and here's an example from a secondary school:

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What a great opportunity, I hope to see a load of entries. We talk a great deal about student voice; about listening to what students want, feel and need about their school and education - this is a chance to really find out! I hope people will consider inclusion in their Learning Spaces and pay attention to light, colour and sound in their designs. Flexibility is at the heart of inclusive teaching, offering alternative seating and working arrangements so that different people can work successfully is so important, some need to work individually, some to work in pairs and groups - good designs will offer the ability to do this! Can't wait to see more ideas posted!!!!!
Comment by Carol Allen on 20110201 132251

Students from the Haringey BSF schools have been working on designs for their own room in Haringey, named by them, the "Tecxitement Room". They came up with some great ideas. I've sent a couple of the designs through as some extra inspiration:

Haringey Design 1
Haringey Design 2
Haringey Design 3

Happy designing!
Comment by Carol Ellis on 20110223 072129

Hi Sue

That sounds great, I hope your pupils enjoy the project. We’d be delighted to receive your entry. So far we’ve had proposals from a school leadership team, individual pupil designs and collaborative efforts too. If you need any ideas we’ve put together the following web page:


Good luck year 6!

Comment by James Townsend on 20110127 204827

Evening Peter

No the competition is not limited to one entry per school, just so long as each entry is ‘novel and distinctive’ from other entries submitted by the same school (see note 2 in our Ts & Cs here: http://www.rmeducation.com/space/terms).

Incidentally, I visited a school recently where members of the Student Council were asked to create designs for a new learning centre that is due to launch next year. The school (students, staff and a parent governor) visited the REAL Centre for ideas and inspiration, and the competitive nature really drove quality responses. I’m expecting at least one entry to our Learning Spaces competition from the school!

Best wishes
Comment by James Townsend on 20110127 204853

Is the competition limited to one entry per school?
Comment by Peter on 20110127 173352

I was thinking of getting year 6 to work on their own designs, and the school will enter the one that most closely reflects our school vision.
Comment by Sue on 20110127 161633

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