RM At Home brand ambassador, TV presenter and mum of three, Philippa Forrester

“Mum, what shall we do?”
Every day….
"Mum, can you help me with my homework?”…
I get…
"Mum, I can’t do my maths”
…bombarded by my three little angels…
“Mum it’s raining, we don’t have anything to do”
… I suppose at heart though…
“Mum, I can’t find my PE stuff for school”

...I am just as frustrated as they are.

“Supporting your children is one of the best bits of being a parent”

You see I have always considered myself their primary teacher, and it’s a role that I think every parent should take seriously, in fact I think it's one of the best bits of being a parent.

RM At Home has enabled me to do just that without having to trawl for ideas first. It’s all there, from the better fun toys exploring everything from creativity to science, whatever your child or grandchild's age, to the most efficient way of searching out new schools, to supporting you in your concerns if you suspect that your child might need extra help.

How to help my son with his numeracy when my own skills are inadequate and outdated?

For quite a number of years now I have been hoping to find something on the Internet that would help me give the support my son needs with his numeracy, my own numeracy skills are inadequate and outdated. RM Easimaths is perfect whatever age or stage your child is at, I can honestly say that now my boys enjoy practicing their maths skills at home – I never thought I would say that! They love the clarity and fresh look of the site, as do I, but they really love the animated characters that help them through what they consider to be games.

‘Children can learn as much outdoors!’

Out and about we have loved the Cannon Stomps turning them into a competitive and hilarious game and collecting all sorts of bugs to stick under the Easi-scope - a brilliant microscope that you can plug into a computer to see the magnified image!

See it in action here when Philippa’s husband brought her a lovely present home from Peru! – be warned, it’s not for the squeamish!

If there is just one amazing thing to come out the rise of the Internet it has to be the potential it has for enhancing education. I have finally found the ‘one stop shop’ I wasted so many hours googling for.

‘Instead of spending hours on the Internet looking for solutions, I can discover the world with my children!’

Ok so perhaps RM At Home can’t help you find their PE kit or do the washing, sadly you will still have to do all that yourself, but it does tick most of the major education boxes in my life. And if it saves me from spending hours on search engines that could be spent discovering the world with my children, well, then I am one happy customer!

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